03 February, 2012

The Good Old Comfort Zone...

Today I attended my friends mothers funeral.

It was the first funeral that I have attended since my Grandad passed away in August 2010 and to be perfectly honest with you I was really quite anxious about going.

But none of us ever like going to a funeral do we, it's something that we do to support our loved ones, family and friends and it's a fact of life I'm afraid whether we like it or not. And that support can mean the world to someone when they themselves find their own world changing.

I can remember in the days and months that followed Grandad's death it was the support of Jake and my friends that got me through. And whilst Death makes us feel uncomfortable and maybe not know what to say to someone that has just suffered a loss I believe it is very important to talk about these things and to not be scared to talk to our friends and family that may have experienced a loss. I know looking back there were a few friends that I thought would be there at the funeral and they weren't. I know life gets busy, but life should never be that busy that we are not there for our friends in their time of need.

In life it's just nice and comfy isn't it, to stay in our little box and not venture out much. But as scary as it is sometimes we do have to take the leap of faith and step out side.

For this is how we grow.

And today whilst it was a bit hard and I was worried on how I would be, I was fine. Of course it was sad but you know it's also a celebration of life and it's nice to smile or laugh (with a few tears in your eyes) and recall funny stories of the person who's life we are celebrating.

But there are many other ways to step out of your comfort zone. Take Jake for example, how brave is it to pack up your life and move so far away from home at only 21 years of age. Talk about a HUGE STEP out of your comfort zone.

You may move into a new job and have to start all over again, learning & asking questions.

You might move house into a new suburb, state or even a brand new country.

And I can remember the very first time that I went on a holiday by myself. Boy was it scary but looking back I am soooo proud of myself that I took that chance and was brave as I had the best holiday EVER!

You may even end a relationship as sad as that might be because you realise that this was not the way you envisaged your life turning out.

It is never too late in life to make those changes and step out of your comfort zone.

And sometimes the not knowing can make it all that much more exciting to begin a new chapter in your life. :)

Because let's face facts, if we just stayed the same and never changed, never experienced new things - we would be really boring!

Don't ya think!!

Me xxx


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