19 February, 2012

I think I'm getting old......

Well in the words of Ed Sullivan:

It's been a really big shewwwwwwwwwwww or in my case weekendddddddddddddddd!!

Of course it all started on Friday night as I mentioned funny enough in Friday night's blog.... when I went to dinner with Amanda and Jeff/Geoff. You knowwwwww I think I might call him Jeff Jeff/Geoff Geoff from now on. Of course I just need to find out the right spelling! LOL

It's funny isn't it how we love the good old nicknames. I've had a few in my time and yesss I know it's hard to believe right!!! hehe

My Grandad used to call me Fuzz Face when I was little.

At school I was known as Livvy (after Olivia Newton-John who I loved) or Meady-Chick as Mead was my maiden name, Mum, Shorty, Short Arse and to this day a few of them still call me this!!!

In jobs I have been known as Morley-Mead, The Cheryl, Morley and prob some I wouldn't want to know!! LOL

Jake calls me Mumma D - as in Mother Dearest which considering it was a memoir and expose on the American actress Joan Crawford by her daughter who claimed she was a victim of child abuse and that her mother was more concerned with her career than being a good mother! Might not be a good thing!!!!

Mmmmm that reminds me: I need to talk to Jake about this.....

And of course the good old fave "Kazzachezza" which is the combination in Aussie slang of Karen Cheryl, because between you and I am not a huge lover of my middle name!!!

But I digress..... sorry Groover's back on me being old!

So there was Friday night dinner and then yesterday was spent at the Rachael Bermingham event called "How to write a book and make it a BESTSELLER" which was just amazing and def mind blowing.

After my big day with Rachael I came home to my normal welcome of Funny Nana opening the front door and little Embee Louise running outside with excitement that her Mumma is home and then doing a nice wee-wee (as we like to call it here in Morley Manor) on the grass in the front yard.

I guess at this point to our new readers I need to point out that Baby Jake doesn't have a sister called Embee Louise... but that Embee is our dog! Although I always say that Jake is Embee's boyfriend! So not quite sure how that all fits in now that Jake is at Ayers Rock working and somehow his "girlfriend" is left behind in my house and shares my bed..... Maybe there is more to that Mommie D title than meets the eye hehehe.

Anywaysssss after the front yard wee-wee I took Funny Nana and Embee Louise on an outing to Redcliffe beach for Fish & Chips! It was such a lovely night down there with a wonderful "Summer Breeze" as Funny Nana called it. And she had fun reminiscing on all the times they went to Redcliffe when she was a child for holidays.

She talked about the carnival they used to have in the very park that we had our dinner in last night, to the big Ferris Wheel they used to have at the end of the jetty in the main street of Redcliffe. She talked about going to the picture theatre and for those of you who weren't aware did you know that the Bee Gees lived and went to school there!

And later in the night I had my nightly spa whilst looking out at the stars and kids I even saw me another shooting star last night! :)

And then today I had a lovely Sunday Morning sleep in followed by a catch up phone call with Baby Jake!

Was great to catch up on the goss in his world and hear all the nice drunken stories of him trying to come home one night and putting his key in someone else's front door and then deciding to return to the bar rather than try and find his unit and then when he did arrive back home a few hours later leaving his front door open and stumbling into his unmade bed that he tried to make and then whilst we were talking on the phone remembering only then that he even collected his washing and brought that in with him whilst stumbling through the door.

Did I mention that this drunken night happened just over a week ago and he only just remembered today on the phone that last bit!!!

This is an actual picture of Jake's bed! I have no words.....

Then it was time for me to go along to a work BBQ at one of the guys place. I had a really lovely day catching up with everyone away from the workplace. I am sooo lucky to work with such a great bunch of people and then to meet their partners and kids was just great!! :)

Next time I am going to take Embee along as she would have loved it and let's face it, she can be my "Proxy Kid" andddddddd she is much better behaved that Jake! LOL

Of course after all this excitement when I arrived back home it was time for the AMAZING Nana Nap that we all crave and love! And so here I am.... writing in the dark, no dinner, Funny Nana has gone to bed and Embee Louise is passed out on my bed.

One of the joys of technically being an Empty Nester is that I am going to go make some Vegemite toast for dinner and watch some TV and hit the sack again.

Yep I'm telling you life doesn't get much better than this weekend!

Hope you guys had a great one too!

Me xxx


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