15 February, 2012

Did I say that?

Tonight I had a lovely dinner with my neighbour Narelle. It's always great to catch up and have a good old chat and a few laughs to boot!

It's funny as I was telling her all about the new car but guess what? She already knew because she reads The Morley Report! I am such a dick..... because as we were talking she looked outside and pointed to a car and said "does it look like that?" and I was in shock because I am thinking does she have ESP??? Then it hit me THE MORLEY REPORT....

It's funny how I forget that I put it all out there for friends andddd strangers to read! And you know it reminds me of when I was 15 and worked for Coles Department Store in Brisbane City and had a badge that said something like Welcome to Coles my name is Karen... And sometimes some customers would say at the end "Thanks Karen" and I would look at them strange like - how do they know my nameeee?

What can I say I do have fake blonde hair! LOL

So I guess if I want to keep something a surprise I need to not write about it hehehe. Funny that....

And speaking of the new Car Car, I had a call yesterday to say that my car is arriving into the country tomorrow and then they will detail, wash and wax it etc. and it should be ready hopefully by the end of next week.

I joked with the guy on the phone that it sounded like she was at the beautician with the waxing etc. and he laughed (noooo HE DID!!) and he promised me she would get a massage and I said maybe even a pedicure. And then I said to him, do you know what a Pedicure is? And he said no, that he would have to Google it hehehe. So I said it's when you get your toenails painted. Boyssss they do make me laugh sometimes!

And speaking of laughs! I have to tell you that I sooo love working with my team of boys/men every day. They give me lots of crap but don't you kids worry about me as I give it back just as much :) I know hard to believe!

They def are a bunch of characters and love to push the boundaries and on the odd occasion I sometimes feel like I am their entertainment, when I lose it with them etc. And today I told them that after living with Jake, I def know how to give it back to them and of course they have to put up with me, my 101 questions (to do my job properly) my sad jokesss and just me in general!

But you know what (and don't tell them this one!) even though they drive me insane some days I do love that they have spunk and just aren't boring old door mats with no personality! But if you tell them this I will deny deny deny!!! :) And then have to kill you after....

Ohhhh and I didn't tell you about my little trip on Monday night!

Now straight away you would be saying "OMG! Where did you she go now?" and the answer would be - onto my driveway! Because this time around my trip was a fall! Yepppp was leaving the house with Funny Nana, tired at the end of the day, not concentrating and WOOSHKA! down I went! Of course I got back up again but much later in the night when I went downstairs to have a spa my left foot hurt and as you do I thought it was due to sitting on it, you know it felt numb and had pins and needles. But nooooooooo in the early hours of the morning when I got up to go to the bathroom (yes it's something even I do!) I was hobbling along the hallway and then it struck me: It was from my fall!

I sure wish I had a better story, like Funny Nana & I went out to a strip club and I fell over drunk..... you know something classy like that! LOL

But no, just the normal kind of fall that sad people do :(

Yesterday and today I had to wear thongs/flip flops to work and limp around... Tomorrow I am going to try to wear two shoes! I knowwwwww I'm kinda stylish like that hehehe.

And Peter our Mower Man is back on the scene creating some magic which I promise to share soon on here. No rabbits more like making my hole look pretty!

My Dove Family are still taking turns sitting on the one little egg and all seems pretty good in the world of Morley as I type!

Hope you Groover's are having a nice week too!

Love Ya

Me xxx


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