20 February, 2012

Monday Auto Pilot....

So it's Monday.... and this morning as I was getting ready (of course in my mind I am still sleeping in my bed at this point...) I realised that somehow my "Auto Pilot" had kicked in and before I knew it I was driving to work!

But it had me thinking about Auto Pilot Mode.

Isn't it funny how at certain times in our lives, times of the day we go into this zone, this survival mechanism and all I can say is Thank The Lord, because sometimes I honestly wouldn't know where I would be without it.

I have found that there are certain times when it comes into play:

1. Like when I am getting ready for work - makeup, hair etc.
2. Driving!!! I knowwwwwwwww but we all do it. Especially when we are tired and you think to yourself - wow I don't even remember driving to this point!
3. I find sometimes at work when say I am booking travel and I get into this Zone, this trance.....

Of course when I do say the word Auto Pilot, for some strange reason this pops into my head:

Remember when Tom Cruise was HOT!

Ahhh those were the days my friends!

But of course me being me I always went for the quirky dude, cause you see I thought Goose was quite cute!!

But then I always found Robert Downey Jnr HOT too!!

Anyway backkkkkkk to Monday and Auto Pilots!

It's a great feeling when Monday is done and dusted and the countdown to the weekend begins yet again....

This week should bring some interesting things and I promise to share them all with you guys :)

There is one thing that I would like to say tonight and that is that once you set you mind to do something NOTHING should ever stand in your way. When that little voice of doubt creeps in, shut it down big time and BELIEVE in YOU!!!

That's what I plan to do this year and I have big big plans in store and I believe in the power of me so batten down those hatches Groover's little Kazzachezza is about to HIT! :)


Me xxx


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