05 February, 2012

Driving Ms Morley....

Do you remember your first ever car?

Mine was a yellow Lancer and his name was "Lance". :)

I COULD NOT WAIT to turn 17 to get my Learner's Certificate so that I could start my driving lessons. And so on my 17th birthday my Grandad took me up to the local Police Station to sit the test and YESSSSS I got it. The nice Policeman wrote it down that I was five foot one and A HALF!!! Cause when you are short a whole half... is mighty important. Mind you, I think I have lost that half now as I have prob shrunk with my "young age" hehe.

Anddd then I bought Lance Lancer two days before my driving test. Thank god I passed. And I can remember the very first day that I drove to work as I normally caught a bus and train each way... I know I was keen - silly me! So back to the first day driving to work... I am reversing out of our driveway, waving to the kids across the road (yes this would be you Christine and Davina...) anddddddddd scratch my car against the gate hehehe. I knowwwwwwwwwwwww can you believe it!

And then only two weeks later I snuffed the car at a turn left anytime with care sign and man ran up my arse! He was very nice about it and paid to have it fixed... But for many years I would go a different way instead of using that same intersection and guess what? When I did start to use it I had another accident up the arse, same place!! My poor dog Dannii (as in Minogue and spelt the same way!) was pretty shaken up and "the car, car" was never quite the same for her again. :(

Only good news was this time it def wasn't my fault. I can even remember Jake was in the car too and asking me questions about his report card.... Why do I remember such stuff yet can't remember what I wore yesterday LOL.

Years later poor old Lance was written off by my ex-husband (boyfriend at the time) as he was driving to pick me up to take me to the car show, so that I could buy a new car :(. His car was getting fixed, hence he having my car, but it wasn't his fault, honest... wish I could say that it was LOL. But he was stopped at the lights when someone ran into him from behind and pushed him into the car in front. Poor Lancy... and because car insurance was sooo expensive on a two door car for my age I didn't have full insurance. Eventually we did get the money out of the lady via solicitors, but from all of that I have learnt that you must always be fully insured.

Over the years I have had a few cars, not many. When my marriage broke up I got our Mazda 1300, that had no carpet, no demister, any key could open and start it and you needed a five cent piece to keep the choke out to start it. I know Lucky Right!!!

This is what she looked like but we had four doors:

Oh and did I mention that the other car we had when we were married was a silver Mazda 626 with electronic sunroof. Of course with a young baby having the Mazda 1300 was the much better option once I was a single mother.....

Jake and I would have to wear beanies on our heads to keep warm in the winter and I can remember leaving my friends Sandra & Marty house from a dinner party and Jake and I were blowing smoke (from the cold nothing else.........) we were that cold!!

And can you believe that someone even stole it from the train station car park one time! I was fully insured and got a brand new spankin car to drive around for a week and at the end of the week guess what? They found my car. It had run out of petrol and they had just left it there. Of course they took Jake's stroller, car seat and even my first aid kit. Gotta Love it.

Poor little thing was never the same again. Eventually I traded it on another little white car, maybe a Datsun.... can't remember but here is my next story... I knowww I am full of THEM!!

She kinda looked like this but nicer. White with Pink stripes down the side, cause remember I'm hip and happening....

So one night I was going to a wine tasting party with my friend Elaine and normally I would drive but this night Elaine said, no I'll drive. Isn't that nice... So much later in the night we are driving home, back into her street and there are all these people out on the footpath and we are like "I wonder why" and thennnnn I see my car.

Some guys had come speeding around the corner (which was way up the road from my car which was parked on the street) lost control as it was lightly raining and drove my car up onto the footpath, reversed and took off. They had a bull bar, hence why they could drive off.

Elaine's flatmate Frank was actually on the toilet when it happened and of course it made a very loud noise. He came running out and can you believe it he even drove after them but alas didn't find them... my poor little baby was written off.

About three months later I got the insurance money as I had learnt from losing Lance Lancer :(

Then a couple of years later a job I had provided me with a different 4wd every night to take home so I sold my little car car.

And when I left that job my Grandad gave me his car because this was around the time that he moved to his retirement village and couldn't drive a car anymore, he then got a little red scooter to get around in.

Soooo Groover's that brings me to today.

Currently I have my Grandad's 1995 Magna and when he gave it in 2005 it had done 45,000 km's!! I kid you not. So she is around 17 years old and things are slowly starting to wear out on her. On Friday a part of her muffler fell off and now when I drive I sound like a hoon! (fast car driver). Last night down at the shops when I got into my car to reverse out, I noticed a guy turn around at the noise.... I think he was looking for a hotted up car orrr hang on maybe he thought I was HOT! :)

But this brings me to my little dilemma: yesterday Funny Nana has offered to buy me a new car!! Now I have never had a brand new car before and I'm 45!! or 9 if you add the numbers together....

My Grandad loved his car or as we call it "Car, Car" because you only have to say the words "Car, Car" and Embee jumps up and down with excitement! She loves it.

When I used to go pick up Grandad he would pat his dashboard, he loved that car so very much. But when he was alive he did say that if I wanted to sell it I could, as it is quite a big 4 cylinder car and takes alot of fuel.

It is very generous of my Mum, but I'm not sure if I am ready to say goodbye to my current car. I'm such a big sook aren't I!

Anyway I don't have to make my decision right now and we have a couple of other things to iron out before we go car shopping....

So stay tuned Groover's, as I promise to let you know as soon as I know myself - if I am going to go ahead and get a new "Car, Car".

Me xxx

You should probably know that I am not really into cars much and found it really difficult to even find any pics of my cars over the years.....


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