09 February, 2012

Zoom Zoom....

Well Groover's it's been a BIG EVENTFUL HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE day!!

First Mum Dove appeared, then when I came home to meet the plumber (and thanks Kim my pipes are fine hehehe) both Mum & Dad Dove were sitting in their nest!

Now the Plumber was here to quote on a new shower nozzle for Funny Nana anddd if only I had thought to take a pic for you of this but Funny Nana's toilet (remember this used to be Jake's toilet....) not only does the water keep running but the whole cistern which is attached to the wall - was on a very big lean!

I think Jake must of had a BIG NIGHT on that toilet one night LOL

So our Plumber fixed the toilet and is coming back tomorrow to bring a new cistern anddddd and new nozzle for Funny Nana! Seeeee my life is FULL of exciting things hehehe.

And hello kids but speaking of EXCITING.... Are you sitting down?

Today after work I went to test drive a Mazda 2, at a dealership not far from my work. Now a little side note: I went to ring Funny Nana to tell her what I was doing but she didn't answer the phone, so I thought oh I shall just try again a bit later. Prob 10 phone calls later!!!! I kid you not - still no answer.

So whilst I am test driving this lovely little car, in the back of my mind is "What if Funny Nana is passed out on the floor orrrrr laying there DEAD!!". I have kinda a good imagination!

So here I am at 45 and about to do one of the biggest things I have done so far in my life (besides buying a house, moving jobs and giving birth to Baby Jake's head!!!) and Funny Nana is in the back of my mind the whole entire time.....

Now I was very lucky as I met two lovely guys tonight whilst looking and test driving the Mazda 2. First of all there was Phil Keresztes the very brave man than not only drove with me butttt answered my 101 questions! Cause all good Morley's like to ask questions :)

We had a great time talking Brisbane Night Clubs in the 1980's and thennn came the big decision:


First time in my life that I have ever bought a new car courtesy of both Funny Nana and my Grandad.

And here is the thing Groover's Phil was sooo nice as he took the time to not only listen to my story of how I am feeling about not being ready to get rid of my Grandad's car, he also gave me some wonderful advice about maybe not trading it in (as I prob wouldn't get very much for it) and the big thing which I hadn't thought of was that maybe by trading it in now, and not being completely ready welll it might make me think of the new car in not a positive way.

Now some of you may think I am strange, ok LOTS OF YOU KIDS DO hehe butttt this made alot of sense to me.

So kids (and just so you know, there are no kickbacks for saying this....) if you too find yourself in the market for a new car, go see my new friend:

Phil Keresztes
Senior Sales
Mazda Grand Prix
1441-1461 Gympie Road
Aspley, Brisbane, Queensland 4034

Phone: 07 3263 5333


And speaking of the 80's, next on my visit there tonight was to see Allan Gee to part with some cash! Now Allan made this a painless experience :) as we too talked about the 1980's, this time we discovered that we both went on the FM104 Rock Cruise (only one year apart).

He even sang me two 80's songs.... and I got no further discount for that WTF! haha But we also discovered that we both had the movie Poseidon Adventure in common (long story...) ok make that 3 songs. He also sang "The Morning After" (them song from Poseidon Adventure) to me, well a few lines anyway and STILL NO MORE DISCOUNT tee hee.

So after my big purchase (I get it in approx. one and a half weeks) I then drove home wondering what I would find when I did get home. So I get home and Funny Nana is fine.

You see I had left the home phone upstairs and she didn't hear it ringing and she was just as worried about me thinking that maybe I had had a car accident and was expecting two policemen to knock on the front door.

So all of us, including Embee Louise (as Funny Nana said she was worried too) had a big night and so we are all pretty stuffed and I am sure will sleep well.

On that note I am off to have another amazing spa. Last night there was a Full Moon and the spa was ohhhh so warm and the sky was clear with beautiful stars. I even saw a Shooting Star and of course made a wish.

Tonight, well tonight I am content to just lay there and chill!

Night kids

Zoom Zoom Morley xxx


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