16 February, 2012

Credit Card Fraud and Other Adventures....

Well Groover's the big story that I forgot to mention last night was that yesterday morning my bank contacted me to advise that I had Credit Card fraud!!!

It seems I ordered nearly $2000 worth of Building supplies from a company in America, because we allllll know how much I love to build!!!

So my account has been stopped, new card issued and from what I understand it's quite a common thing where people use computers to put in all different numbers and try them all out and some they win some they lose!

But the best news is that I am not out of pocket! So thank god for the Commonwealth Bank because for some reason they were able to see it wasn't me doing the purchase!

On other news I WORE TWO NORMAL SHOES today to work :) Funny isn't it how small things can make us happy!

And speaking of happy, I'm sorry but tomorrow is FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAYYYYY..... yayyyy! It's been a very busy week and I am sooo looking forward to the weekend so I say Bring it onnnnnnnnn sista!

And other than those important three things not much else really to report on. Embee is snoring her head off and having puppy dreams whilst I am typing to you. What a life that kid leads!

And speaking of a good life, I am off to have me a nice warm, peaceful spa!


Me xxx


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