18 October, 2011

Confessions of a Morley Blogger

Sooooooo I wanted to share a few things with you kids!

A lot of the times when I write my Morley Report (or TMR as I am starting to call it for short) I often have no idea what I am going to talk about.

There is no planning, no writing beforehand and no re-writing. It's more of an idea that pop's into my head because of something someone has said or something I have read or seen that day. And I guess I just sit down and type it like you and I were sitting down and having a chat over a coffee or drink (make it a Rum and Coke for me...).

And you know what? I have even had a few people tell me that when they read my blog they can even HEAR ME talking.... Lucky lucky Groover's LOL

The other day a friend and I were talking about Facebook and my Blog and I was saying that when I tell stories or write a Facebook Status Update I NEVER do it to show off or brag.

I just like to share.... True Story! I just say it like it is and I cannot stand people that lie or show off. It's not my thing. I mean would I really make up a story and share it with you about me walking into an Army base with one lense missing from my sunglasses? Who would make up that kind of story..... REALLY! LOL

And when I write Status Updates on Facebook sometimes I do it to entertain myself. I like to crack myself up with my own humour. Sad isn't it hehehe.

So what you read is REAL and stuff that has really truly happened to me or Jake or Embee Louise and I would hope that when you do read my Blog you know that it is only the Truth.... even Embee humping those pillows andddddddd come on YOU KNOW that Jake's Head is REALLY TRULY THAT BIG! hehehe.

So now that I have that off my chest, let us begin on the day's festivities!

Well today one of the Laydee's that I work with came back from a little jaunt to Cairns and Port Douglas. Ohhh you know her, she is Seamus's MUM!

And she was showing me her photo's and I asked her if I could share them with you kids as they were really lovely! Oh and just a side note: I always ALWAYS ask if people are ok with me using their photo's, names etc.

So here are a couple of pics:

Aren't they such amazing colours, that's why I wanted to share them with you kids :)

Well and then the day took an interesting turn. You see we lease the land at work to a Farmer with cattle and two horses.

And he came into the office to just let us know and not to freak us out, that he had found this:

and this:

Andddddddd this!

Yep, some bones (just incase you weren't sure! hehehe). Now of course you might think they are bones from say a dead cow or calf. But here is Freaky Thing: he hasn't lost any cow's or calves and wait for it..... when he came across the bones, there was NO HEAD!

So he has no idea what it might be, they are thinking a Kangaroo butttttt who knows!

Stay tuned to this Bat Channel and once we find out YOU GROOVER'S will be the first one I tell :)


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

You have a real gift!! You could write about your experiences watching paint dry or grass growing and make it an interesting read.
I love reading your Morley Reports
Bern xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love showing off !!!!

The Morley Report said...

Thanks Bern :) I do really like telling a good story! Well to me they are good hehehe

The Morley Report said...

Jake is a show off. Just saying.... :)

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