04 October, 2011

Camping.... Morley Style!

So Groover's about 7 years ago I worked for a Four Wheel Drive Company. We used to hire out vehicles to businesses and to holiday makers. It was the only company back then that would allow you to take a 4wd off road, believe it or not!

And my job would allow me to take home a different vehicle every night. So some days I was in a Toyota Landcruiser Wagon, a Troop Carrier, Dual Cab, normal sedan, Kluger, Rav4 and one weekend I even drove around in a Tarago - with just me in it! LOL

And before I share our "camping story" I do want to share just one other little story...

So one day I took a phone call on the front counter from a customer who said: "Hi I am just wondering if your Toyota Landcruiser Wagon's have rocket launchers? Not like Saddam Hussein or anything hahaha". Now I thought this was a joke, a prank call and one of the boys in the office were having a joke with me!

I told him I would ring him back thinking it was a joke. But guess what kids? It wasn't. This is what he was talking about:

For his fishing rods!

Not this, which is what I thought he meant!

True Story Groover's!

Now camping wellllll that's a whole other story!

So we used to dispatch a Four Wheel Drive called: The Zelt. Which I have been told is German for Tent! So I thought it hey why not go camping one Long Weekend with my Baby Jake!

Sooooooo off we go to Double Island Point, about two hours north of us here in Brisbane for two longggggggggggg nights!

The day started off lovely. We caught the car ferry at Tewantin and crossed Noosa River and then onto the beach up to Double Island Point.

And travelled along the beach with the most amazing views!

We decided we would set up camp on the beach but before we did this we took a drive inland and found a park with a toilet block. I was busting to go to the toilet, Jake stayed in the car and as you do I made my way across the park to the toilet block. So I am half way across the park and what do I see? Not one, not two but 103 of these!

That's right kids Goannas!!!

I nearly shit myself! Lucky I was on the way to the toilet! Because the whole park came alive with them, because you see they were all camouflaged and I had no idea they were all there. I am sure they were more frightened than me, but come onnnnnnnnn.

So I made it to the toilet, went (thought I would share....) anddddd now I know I have to walk back across THE PARK to the car, where Jake is oblivious as to what is going on only a few metres from the car!

Imagine seeing this face:

But I made it back safely, just in case you were worried about me!

We made our way back to the beach and set up camp. Now the Zelt looks like this:

And it came with everything you ever needed. Jake did an amazing job putting it all together and we settled in for the night.

Now there were many other groups around us camping too, you could here them all, but it was just Jake and me. So we ended up having an early night and of course as I DO during the night I have to go to the toilet AGAIN!

Soooooo there I am climbing a mountain the middle of the night, to find a good spot and I felt like this:

Let's face it, camping is just not in my blood!

When we finally did get to sleep Jake decided to sleep in the back seat and I climbed up the ladder and slept in the bed which is positioned on the roof of the 4wd. But here is the thing, every time Baby Jake moved, the whole top of the vehicle would rock side to side just like I was on a boat!!!!!!

And of course half way during the night Jake decided to sleep up with me and climbed the ladder and being the "good Mum that I am" I put him on the other side of me so that he didn't fall out. Although there was a fly screen with a zipper to keep the Mozzie's/Mosquito (Mozzie is the Australian slang for Mosquito!) out.

So I wake up again in the middle of the night and there is Jake, spread eagle on the bed and I am pushed right up against the mozzie net! Lucky it was a strong net!

So the very next day I made a very important decision!

We packed up and went here:

Cause that's the way I roll! hehehe


Me xxx


Happy Hamby Campers said...

The second goanna image was taken by me. You have used it without permission.

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