28 October, 2011

Here’s one I prepared earlier.....

So today’s Morley Report was written a little earlier in the day due to attending a function down the Gold Coast later tonight and I didn’t want to scare too many of you little Groover’s with any sad drunken words... Thoughtful aren’t I ☺

The function I will be attending later tonight is called “Girls Night In – Pink Party” Cancer Council Pink Ribbon Fundraiser to raise money for Breast Cancer and we will be staying overnight at the Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise.

I would like to share with you some of the info that has been promoted for tonight’s festivities:

Entry fee includes cocktail on arrival,

Canapés and entertainment including MALE AUCTIONS (my personal fave...), competitions and discounted drink prices on the night!! Plus of course we’ll have lots and lots of fabulous prizes and a gift bag full goodies to take home for all you lovely ladies ☺

Should make for an interesting night and me being me wanted to be responsible and write to you now! Well I am just trying to be thoughtful. Some might say responsible, some may even say the word Chicken! In response I would just say this:

Cluck Cluck (that’s Chicken speak to you kids...)

I am going with my friend Deb and even being collected from work, so I can relax and just sit! Isn’t that nice…. Normally I drive myself everywhere (one of the things you miss when you don’t have a hot man partner... ONE I SAID hehehe) so it will be nice to be a passenger!

I’m also looking forward to a nice sleep in and relaxing morning down the coast. It has been a very long time since I have stayed in Surfers, because as we all know I am in fact that Old Foegie now… So those days have passed me by…. Ahhhh sigh ☹ OR HAVE THEY??? Hehehe.

So you kids behave and have a great Friday wherever you may be in the world and I shall fill in you in on the night, tomorrow night.

Of course that’s if I’m free, because let’s face it: I could be busy with my Male Auction Friend! LOL

Cheers :)

Me xxx


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