21 October, 2011

The Ex Wives Club - Morley Style

What a glorious time we are having over on Stradbroke Island! ☺

I had a great sleep in and Jake had an even longer one... must have been all the air blowing for the BIG O!... Ewwwwwwww – sorry Groover’s I even made myself a bit queasy with that joke! ☹

I guess you kinda forget how much you love the sound of nature, living in the city and all. Although where we live in Brisbane is out somewhat from the city, butttttt even though we have bush around us there is still the “city sounds” eg. Traffic etc.

So this morning just to sit on the back deck and watch Embee enjoy the yard and Grass, ohhhhhhhh how I miss GRASS! Note to self: I must by me some for my yard soon ! I just loved hearing the ocean and the different birds along with just a peaceful silence.

You know what it’s like when you are on holidays it always takes a few days to really unwind…… I always have said that for me well I know when that moment arrives as I can breath in all the way for a big deep breath and just slowly release it. Pure Bliss!

Now let me share a little Morley secret with you. My favourite bird of all time is the Willy Wag Tail. Why I hear you ask? Well it goes a little like this: when I was little we used to have them come visit in our back yard. My Nana and I would watch them and talk about them and Nana would say that when they did their bird sound if you listened closely you would hear them say “Sweet pretty creature”. ☺ So every time I see one I think of her and there are a couple of them here in our backyard on Straddie!

And even this morning, very early when it was dead silent I could hear it singing out its little tune. Of course I was laying in bed and it was dark but somehow just hearing the little tune made me feel good.

This morning I also watched Embee in the backyard doing her investigating because lets face it Groover’s, even on holidays a girl has a job to do! And there was this one little Willy Wag Tail watching her and hanging around. It was very sweet ☺

And Embee Louise is loving rolling around on the grass, esp where there seems to be Kangaroo droppings! Mmmmm nature’s perfume hehehe.

We spent a great day at the beach and the weather was amazing!

In the afternoon Jake had some special visitors, Kookaburra's which are a native Australian Bird.

Now when I was little and would turn up at my Grandparent's house, my Grandad would sing out "Peace and quiet has shattered.... So tonight all the rest of our Holiday Family have turned up. And it's one big happy family.

Now Mrs ex-No. 2 and I have been talking and we have just realised that we were both proposed to same way.... after the grocery shopping! True Morley Story.... and you wonder why both of us ended up divorced hehehe.

So tonight we are having a lovely family dinner and there is one little girl that is very very tired and waiting to go to bed and nooooooo it's not ME!

Although I just heard a story from Mrs ex-wife No. 2 about how when she first saw her step son's feathers...... no need to go any further. And believe it or not we aren't talking Baby Jake. There is a little champagne drinking going on just so you know we are having this type of confession.

So I just asked Mrs ex-wife No. 2 if she could give a speech Jake turning 21. She is worried she might cry, but here we go:

She remembers Jake having a bowl cut and being NUDE when he was two (why do most stories start with Jake being nude....) and he was sitting inside his Mickey Mouse cubby house. Some of the best times that she had with him was when they had access and she had to pick him up from after school care and she would love the time they had together, even though she used to freak out she would be late to pick him up!

She also remembers that Jake had no feathers as he was too young...... and this was only last month!

And here is a sad thing about Baby Jake: he still has this Daffy Duck quilt cover that Mrs ex-wife No. 2 bought him for his birthday when he was around 7!

But whilst we are on the subject I myself would like to thank Mrs Ex-wife No. 2, for being such a wonderful mother to Jake, when she herself was very young and the love, support and friendship she has given him over the years. The day that my ex husband brought her into our lives we were very lucky indeed. And I have always thought that where he really went wrong was when their marriage broke up. Because both Jake and I love her very much and I am so thankful that she is still in our lives. She is an amazing person and I count her as one of my friends!

We are now currently swapping ex-husband stories.... Don't ya just love it! hehehe

So Groover's that's the latest update! Feathers, warts and all!


Mrs Wee Wee xxx


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