19 October, 2011

Letter to my 16 Year Old Self!

Dear Karen aka Kazzachezza,

Well my dear look at you! Here you are at 16 and already you have worked full time for a year as an Office Junior for Solicitors and have been made redundant. But didn’t you fall on your feet by getting that job with the Commonwealth Government!

You’ve already known heartbreak from breaking up with your boyfriend that cheated on you with your best friend. And Karen the road to love will never be an easy path. You will find yourself married at a young age and divorced as well by 26 but from this sad time in your life will come the greatest gift of all, your son Jake or as you will call him, probably for the rest of his life: Baby Jake ☺

You will still believe in love and hope that it is out there somewhere, but the funny thing is that you actually like just being you and being by yourself. And one of the things that you will say over the years is that you would rather be just you than to put up with some sad loser guy to say you have a boyfriend.

But never give up on love ok, because one day before you know it, it will happen. You might be 75....... but it will definitely happen!

Over the years you find yourself meeting the most amazing people in all different and unique ways. You find that they in fact become the family you probable never had, supporting you, listening and laughing with you, NOT AT YOU, along the way.

Friends that you thought would always be there will slip away and at times this will be a hard pill to swallow. And at the same time making way for new amazing people. But know this: You my friend are a Survivor! You will rise above some of the things that are thrown at you at a young age and will come out smiling with your crazy smile ☺

Humour is something you’ve always had from a young age, probably due to your Grandad and you always seem to have a smile on your face oh and that laugh! OMG that laugh.... People will always remember your voice and your laugh and over the years will even comment on your Eyes!

From a young age you have always known that you are a talker. Never ever for one second be embarrassed about this, or the fact that at times you can be loud. Friends will remind you that these are the things that make you YOU! And in fact are what draw people to you. So be proud and stand tall, even though you are and will only ever be 5 foot 1½ inches, because let’s face it the extra ½ inch is IMPORTANT although as you get older you will prob shrink and lose that and a little bit more in height!! But somehow you don't even realise how short you really are.

Your life will be full of wonderful holiday stories and you find that “Holidays” become your drug of choice and maybe, just maybe this was installed in you by your Grandad and family, as they always had their annual three weeks away to the Gold Coast every year and saved all year to afford it.

And along your travels you will meet some pretty amazing people!

Money wise you will never be wealthy but you my dear will be wealthy in many other ways!

At times it will feel like you and Jake against the world, buttttt you and Jake will be the best of friends, even though at times your relationship may feel like brother/sister (Jake being the Sister! hehehe) or even as a father/daughter, you have a real unique loving relationship. You will even find yourself buying a dual living type house with Jake, which makes for an interesting few years!

And believe it or not you will find yourself actually enjoying writing and will create your own “Blog” on your own website and have people from all over the world read what you have to say. I knowwwww who would have thought! Especially as you didn't like English that much at school! And you prob don’t even know what a Blog or website means right now at 16!, but you will get alot of enjoyment and satisfaction from being a story teller.

You have always been an organiser, even from an early age and you will find that you will use these skills in your working life and get enjoyment from helping others. You have probably always been a “mother” with helping out friends even as a young kid and again in later life people seem to like to talk to you, even strangers.

When your Nana passes away you will be very sad, but as Jake will only be very little you will need to pull yourself together and you prob don’t really grieve as much as you should, as being a mother of a young child will fill up your days. However, when your Grandad passes away it will be a completely different story. You will fall down into a very deep black hole, but Karen do not worry because with the love and support of those that care, it may take a little while but you will climb out of the hole and be you again and even find yourself smiling or laughing when you think of your Grandad. And you will be happy to know that he and Nana are together again ☺

Never stop believing in yourself, never be ashamed to voice your opinion as you always seem to have something to say and you will always take people’s feelings into consideration. And as you like to say “Things happen for a reason” and this is the path that for some reason you find yourself on.

But the biggest thing of all is to remember that YOU are a wonderful, loving, caring, funny, short, loud person and that the world loves you back for all of these things plus many more. And little Karen Cheryl always remember that it is these qualities that make me love you lots too. ☺


Me xxx


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