09 October, 2011

Mumma is always right!

Well Groover's first things first, this Morley Mother's water never lies!! But more on that soon....

We had a lovely night last night.

On the way into the city I picked up James and we were talking about the big surprise! He said maybe Jake had "bought a baby" aka Baby Jake Jnr! LOL

But he was wrong. Who would have thought!

We arrived a few minutes before they arrived back from their Kayak and met up with our friend Elaine. Now I met Elaine when I was pregnant with Jake all those years ago. And she has been a very big support to Jake and I over the years. So it was great that she could make it :)

When they did get back, and bobbing around in the Brisbane River, waiting their turn to disembark all I wanted was for Jake to get off the Kayak and "take his shirt off". I knowwwwwwww and I'm his mother hehehe. But come onnnnn I just needed to see his skin!

And kids are you sitting down? Here we go....

I guess I was expecting it. You see it's something he has spoken about for a few years now, although I hadn't heard it recently. And what can a Mumma do?

Of course I am not a lover of tattoo's but Jake is his own person and I guess he has been for sometime now. Of course that doesn't stop me from wanting to cut it out with a knife when he is asleep :) What a good Mumma I am.....

So at least I was kinda expecting it. And of course he got off on the fact that I don't like them! Check this grin out:

Notice Elaine egging him on..... Ahhhh those two, she def is HIS MOTHER!! You see we used to joke over the years that it was SHE who was his real mother because it was Elaine that would play the board games, talk scientific and like to watch documentaries! Where I do not! I know you are shocked aren't you! LOL

So after the shock.... we had a nice BBQ,

And then made out way back to Jake's city Palace of Love.

This is the view at night

and in the day time

Elaine and I left them as they were getting ready to hit it big at The Story Bridge Hotel, which is a great pub and get this little fact: it was built around the pylons of the actual bridge and was originally built in 1886 and then refurbished back in 1994 back to it's original architecture.

So that's the last I have heard from them. I did see a post on Facebook today on Jake's page saying and I quote "tire, sore, hungry.... getting too old for this shit".

Ahhhhhh to be 21 again!

Today I have been a little sad looking back but proud at the same time. It's a strange thing this parenthood; it never stops. Once you become a parent you remain a parent for the rest of your life.

As we speak they are getting all geared up to do the Story Bridge Climb.

I decided to stay home, I'm too scared to climb it cause I'm a sook like that! But it's also something that Jake has to do, with his friends. I'll still be here when he gets home tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that. Because that's how this Morley Mother rolls :)

Catch ya Groover's

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

I wanna do the Story Bridge!!

Elaine said...

It was a great night, and a bit of a shock that Jake got a tattoo....but the boy's a man now :)

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