20 October, 2011

MMMorley Vacation....

So how old were you when you took your real last “Holiday” with your family?

Me well I was about 15 and of course from time to time I might drop in on them when they were on holidays and stay a night, but that was really the last age when I went away as part of the family.

Now with regards to Jake well I thought our time had come and gone so that there would be no more “Family Holidays” because you do get to that age when you just don’t want hang with you family anymore. Even if they are as hip and happening as Moi!

Well Groover’s this could quite well be the very last time we go away as a family…. Which of course is a little sad, butttt you know in your Mumma heart that day is def coming.

So having said that I am quite happy that for the next four nights Jake, Embee Louise and I will all be together on a holiday over on Stradbroke Island, which is about an hour on a Car Barge across the water from Brisbane.

And this morning Baby Jake was very unorganised, although as Embee just said to me: What’s new! And this would be true. You see we were all packed and sitting in the car waiting for Jake this morning as he was still packing and collecting his crap! Boys....

I was freaking out we would be late for the 11 o’clock barge and we still had to pop into my work and collect the boarding pass as I had forgotten to print it out!

So off we went, collected the pass, drove across Brisbane’s Gateway Bridge and missed the turn off as we were talking too much! Soooooo drove up further and turned around and took the correct turn off this time! Of course my blood pressure was through the roof and most of my hair had turned Grey with the stress. LOL

Jake kept saying that we had plenty of time. But when it was 10.55am he conceited that we were definitely going to miss the Barge. So we were nearly there when Jake pulled out the paperwork and then he started laughing and laughing and I thought OMG we’ve driven to the wrong place.

But no.

The Barge really left at 12pm and we still had 45 mins!! I am such a DICK!

So that gave us time to find fuel, me to have a little breakdown mind wise on a roundabout and having to stop quickly as I wasn’t concentrating (obviously the high blood pressure was affecting my mind, either that or maybe all my hair falling out…..) and poor old Embee Louise went THUMP into our seats. Poor Kid ☹ Her Mumma needed to CHILL!

Anyway we got our fuel, we even had time to get something to eat anddddddd our car was in line to get onto the Barge. Life was grand ☺

Here is a pic of Embee in the car on the moving Barge....

We had a great trip over the island and eventually we found our “Holiday House’” which is amazing and is only a five minute walk from the backyard to the beach.

We are where the picture of the Whale is!

Of course before we even unpacked the car, we took a stroll to the beach to check it out!

We can hear the ocean from our back deck and whilst I had been stressed earlier today, tonight I am feeling quite relaxed ☺

We’ve had dinner, I’ve even had a nice bath and you know what? We don’t have a bath at home, only showers and so tonight, as I am laying in my bath thinking to myself: Self, I sure miss having a bath and then you know what myself saiddddddd to ME? Karen, you will have one big GIANT MOTHER OF A BATH next week when you get your spa. This made me smile ☺

And this is our view from the back deck:

And this is Baby Jake's drinkie Poo

Notice the cute Pink Wall in the background!

So Jake is watching a movie, Embee is very very tired and passed out on the bed next to me as I am typing this and OH! Jake made a very special purchase this afternoon.

Nooooooo get your mind out of the gutter Groover’s. Although it is called The Big O!

I kid you not!

Anddddddd whilst I was in the bath I could hear Jake blowing it up. For all I know he could have passed out from no oxygen and here I am thinking he is watching a movie. Should I go check? Nahhhhhhhhh I’m too comfy hehehe.

So it’s a quiet night in tonight, ready for a brand new spankin day tomorrow! Ohhhhhhh and I’ve forgotten the most interesting part.

Sooooooo are you sitting, are you? You will have to concentrate and listen very hard…. Ok here we go.

So the main reason we are here is because, ready……. We were invited by, now keep up! My ex-husbands, ex-wife No. 2.

I was number 1, she is No. 2 and he is currently on No. 3! ☺

So here we go, keep up: tomorrow night let us call her Mrs No. 2 (but not as in poo….. that would make me a wee wee!) So Mrs No. 2, her new husband, their son, his two sons from his previous marriage anddddddd (her Mum was going to come but had to cancel at the last minute due to an operation on her leg) and Jake, Embee and me are all staying together over the weekend! So it's really 3 Morleys and an Ex, you know like Three Men and a Baby hehehe. Bad Joke... Bad Mumma....

Ok, sooooo did you keep up and does that make sense?

You know when Jake was little he used to sing this song, he sang it to the tune of Barney the Dinosaur!

I love youuuuuuuuu, you love meeeeeeeeee
We’re a dysfunctional Familyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ☺

So it should be an interesting weekend. Not because of Mrs No. 2 more so that I am not used to lots of kids!!!! But you know what? I’m actually looking forward to it. They have organised it all and even paid for it, isn’t that nice! And invited both Jake and I andddddddd Embee along to celebrate Jake turning 21! ☺

And I am sorry to say butttt I left my USB that I use to download pics from the camera at home, along with Embee’s Shampoo and Conditioner anddddddd my Bubble Bath! I know, you can feel my pain.

So for the next few days you will have to put up with pics from my phone!

Ok my friends, time to go see if Jake is breathing…. Cause I’m such a great Mother an all! LOL

Me xxx


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