15 October, 2011

Morley Storm Watching & good Nana Naps!

Well kids after a big day in the backyard this morning tidying my hole, I was def stuffed and went down for a nap and have only just woken up. Poor Mum had already gone to bed.... Jake had also passed out downstairs. Must be a Morley thing! :)

It's def been interesting weather here in Brisbane in the last week. Now normally we have afternoon thunderstorms, esp after a hot and muggy day, but that was more back in the day. Now days the weather patterns are freaky to say the least. And for some strange reason in the last week we are waking up with Thunderstorms!!

I woke up this morning early at 4.30am and as you do went onto the internet and saw that there was a massive storm heading our way. I even went downstairs to wake up Jake because lucky me, my car was not under cover. But I couldn't wake him up, so decided to wait it out and if we got hail then I would def wake him up to help move stuff in the shed so I could get my car undercover. Lucky the house wasn't burning down and I couldn't wake him. He was def tired that's for sure.

Hail on the North Side of Brisbane this morning:

But I think every now and then you really do need a weekend to recharge the batteries and potter around and just enjoy your surroundings. Don't you agree?

I also had a phone call from an old friend who is actually a few years younger than me and can you believe this, doesn't really get onto the internet! I am going to have lunch with her on Wed this week and bringing my laptop along to try and convert her.

I honestly believe that you need to keep up with the times, because if you don't you can get left behind very very fast and nobody wants that. Well not at our age anyway!

It is scary though when you are say returning to the workforce and have been away for some time and technology has grown sooooo much. And especially if you have kids I am a firm believer to keep up with the times!

And do you know it was only a few years ago when I did my Travel Course that I created my first email address and used a computer with a mouse! And then a few years after that when I was shown the ropes by Al and Jake for MSN Messenger and MySpace!

And you know I can remember when Facebook first came out I would have a few "group lessons" for friends to show them the ropes as such :)

So it was a quiet day at Morley Manor today, just how I likey! This time next weekend though shall be a completely different story and as we all know..... that's an entirely different blog for another night!! LOL

take care kids

Me xxx


Brent said...

The Morley Report from the strand? (the last pic)

You wouldn't like to be here now,, jeez it's hot, 0630 and I am sweating,, will be a big day in the a/c.
Hope you are doing ok with all your storms down there, Thunderbolts and Lightning are a very very frightening, gallileo

The Morley Report said...

I know I can remember when I used to live there in the 80's! And the storms here have def been freaky that's for sure!

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