13 October, 2011

Holiday Addiction & Swimming - Poseidon Adventure Style

So with being sick last week and at the start of this week I have no concept on what days are what! I cannot believe that tomorrow is Friday! That’s just plain crazy.

Doesn’t time/life go by fast sometimes...

Embee Louise spent the day with me today at work whilst the rest of our fence was going up. She sure loves it there and makes me laugh as she is soooo social with everyone and likes to check out what’s going on.

We even had a team meeting and I joked that Embee was at work to take the minutes because she is better at them than me ☺

I also picked up my Mum from her retirement village tonight as she is spending the next few days with us. Haven’t seen her for a while. Funny isn’t it again when life gets busy. But will be nice to hang out with her and I knowwwwwwwww Embee Louise just loves it ☺

And as I said before our Fence was finished today! But we got home and it was dark so I don't have a pic tonight. But kids, it looks
A M A Z I N G!! Promise I will have one for you tomorrow night.

It’s very exciting when you start to see it all come together. The Electrician is coming tomorrow and over the weekend and today I rang and booked the delivery date for the Spa. Gotta love it when it all works…. (I guess shouldn’t speak too soon…) but I will be positive!

And it’s also at this time of year when I start to brainstorm holiday ideas. Nahhh let’s face it I’m always doing that LOL. But I guess it’s getting closer to some of my holiday plans and I’m a little bit excited.

You see I can prob only go about 6 months and then I need a holiday and right now we are just over that 6 month mark. I guess we could call it Itchy Morley Feet ☺

So first up is a trip to Stradbroke Island in the middle of next week as a belated celebration for Jake’s 21st. So stay tuned for Straddie (nickname for Stradbroke Island) stories and pics.

Will be nice to just relax and see the water. I love the ocean and I love swimming, but especially more so in pools.

But here is a story for you.

When I was 7 turning 8 and I was in Grade 3, our Swimming Teacher would teach us to swim by holding our heads under the water. Of course eventually he was fired. But to this day I have a fear of being under the water. Now I can snorkel, but only from the top of the water and let’s say we were all swimming in a pool together (cause we are all friendly that way!) and if people started to play a bit rough and maybe hold someone’s head under the water, then I would freak out and have to get out of the pool or I might cry or panic.

Now as I said, I loveeeeeeeeeee to swim in a pool prob more than the ocean, as I just feel a bit safer but I cannot dive and I have often said that if you remember the movie Poseidon Adventure back in the day, the part where Shelley Winters had been a champion swimmer in her younger days and had to swim and hold her breath under all that water to take the rope to lead the way for everyone else to swim, well if I had been there I would have said, sorry I can’t do it. I will just have to stay here and die...

It just freaks me out so much. Sad isn’t it. But Groover’s it’s another True Morley Story.

I just realised that sounded like True Hollywood Stories hehehe.

Well on that note I am outta here.

See you tomorrow night

Me xxx


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