06 October, 2011

Get ready to rock out, with your...

Howdy-how ladies and gents… and everybody not fitting that bill.

Being an avid reader on The Morley Report it means you either know Mumma D in RL (real life) or you’ve had the unfortunate luck of stumbling across this page on the interwebs.

If it is the former, well you know as well as I do that we are permanently stuck in the vortex of chatter, known as Kazza Chezza. If you are new to the phenomenon, I urge you to escape while you can.

I think this is a good chance to chime in with my two cents, seeing as though I am often the target of many jokes and stories. Of recent times I believe there has been publication suggesting of my cavorting with a harem of Latina cleaners, well maybe I’m adlibbing slightly.

While I am still yet to confirm or deny this suggestion, it should be noted how much of a developed concept can be garnered simply from my absence at 9pm on a weeknight. I fear this is telling of my tendency to be a bit of a homebody, or if you’d prefer to be less PC (politically correct), a loner. Maybe I need to find more things to do during the week.

Now I do have one gripe I would like to share about this Morley Report, a topic which I don’t believe Mum has fully disclosed. SHE ISN’T ACTUALLY A MORLEY!! I don’t have anything against her using the name, per se, but I do think it is worth mentioning.

I have one more week remaining at my work (Bunzl Outsourcing Services) and then have a few mini adventures planned for the rest of October. It will definitely be sad to leave Bunzl, having been there for over four years, but I am really excited about the prospect too. Hopefully I wont be out of work for too long and will find something new and exciting to do with my days.

So I am on the cusp of turning 21 (Monday), and have a big adventure planned for the weekend. Partying up big on Kangaroo Pt, which is just down river from the central part of Brisbane City. I also have a big surprise planned which even mum doesn't know anything about. But I'm sure you will here more on that in the coming days.

I'll leave it there and try and publish this thing.

Mother Dearest (full wording of the moniker Mumma D), is sick and was in bed before I got home from work. She should be fighting fit tomorrow, so I'll look forward to any rebuttal she has on my remarks.

Adiós mis Amigos (Goodbye my Friends)



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