05 October, 2011

Remember the days of the old school yard....

We used to laugh a lot.....

So the other day someone left a comment on my blog asking to hear some Morley School Days stories. So tonight I thought we should start at the very beginning because lets face it Groover's it's a very good place to start :)

So I would like to take you back to little Karen Cheryl when she was in Kindergarten!

One story that I can remember being told over the years was when I had to get up on stage and recite a poem entitled Busy Bee. And if you will allow me, let me share it with you!

Busy Bee, Busy Bee, oh won't you come and talk to me
On this very sunny day oh can't you find some time to play
Do the Flowers talk to you and do you say good morning too
So many things I'd like to know, please talk to me before you go!

So there I was, on stage, sharing my poem and right at the end I just STOOD THERE! Yep, so the story goes I stood there waiting for THE APPLAUSE!!

My first three years of primary school were spent at Zillmere Primary School and I can remember being sooooo excited one day because my Mum was going into town and buying me a "Hula hoop". One of the kids had been sent out of the classroom for being naughty and told me later that he saw my Mum walking home from the railway station with my new Hula hoop! I couldn't wait to get home.

I can also remember two Fancy Dress Balls at school. Mum was amazing at making costumes. The first costume I went as a box of chocolates where I stood inside a big box and we covered all little boxes in different wrapping paper, like the ones that you unwrap etc. And I won first prize!

The next time, well the good news is that I won! I went as a Doll in a Box.

I wore a cute tutu with ballet slippers and again was in a box with the front cut out. The bad news was that Mum wasn't able to find any clear cellophane so guess what she used? It was the stuff that you cooked chooks (chickens) in.

It looked the same as clear cellophane buttttttt my god it was hot in THAT BOX! It was like I was being cooked alive LOL. But hey I won and that's all that matters. Isn't it........... P.S. I don't ever cook chickens in those bags now, just so you know!

I also remember having our first cat called "Fluffy". I was only about 3 and back then we lived in Nambour. Now I do not remember this, but again have been told many times over the years that one time I cut all of Fluffy's whiskers off and thennnn put her in the letter box with a brick on top! Can you imagine! I am such an animal lover that I could even think to do something sooo mean. Poor Fluffy :(

When we moved to Zillmere, the day after we let her out of the laundry she ran away.... I wonder why!!!

Now I changed schools at the start of Grade 4, as my parents divorced and we moved in with my Grandparents. Up until then I had never EVER heard a swear word. But I learnt quite a few that first week of school.

I also remember this was when I discovered ABBA.

The girls at school would always be practicing their songs for assembly and we had to watch their performance EVERY MORNING in class. This was how I learnt the words to ABBA songs....

Way before Michael Buble there was The Bay City Rollers and Leif Garrett!

I remember my Dad travelled around the world and when he was in Scotland he joined me up with the official Bay City Rollers fan club in Edinburgh. I thought I was sooo special!

I was never really into sports but did enjoy playing netball.

And I also remember doing ballroom dancing where the boys had to pick the girls and you would sit there hoping that this sad boy, let us call him John W. would NOT end up picking you and you were freaking out that he would!!!

And I had the best time playing with the kids across the road, making cubby houses and playing games under their house :)

It's funny isn't it when you find yourself in Grade 7 a big fish in a small pond and next you know you are off to High School and find yourself a teeny eeny fish again!!

But that Groover's is another story for tomorrow night!

See you then

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

clapping, clapping. Looking forward to more.
Love from the "give me the school goss fan"

The Morley Report said...

I promise there is more to come... Just gotta get Jake's 21st done and then we shall go back in time!

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