07 October, 2011

I have a note....

from my Mother!

Sorry Groover's sill not feeling the best, so will keep this short and sweet. Just like Moi :)

You know when you are sick when your body aches all over and you think if I just roll to that side of the bed I will be ok.... well that's how last night was. And today was a bit better, I'm just tired... and quiet! Can you believe it!!

And then this afternoon I forgot I had a hair appt! So if I didn't go I wouldn't be able to get in until November!

I just wish I could have cut my head off and left it there and returned later in the afternoon to collect it!! But alas this was not possible.

You know my ex-husband was a hairdresser before he joined the Army! Yes I knowwwwwww. Whenever I tell people this you see them go WHAT THE???

I met him when I was 17 1/2 and he was the apprentice hairdresser washing my hair at the basin asking "so are you doing anything exciting tonight?". So let's just say that over the years I have had my hair done at various times of the night and day. When I have had a tooth ache, when I've been sick and there was that one time (no not at band camp!) when halfway through streaking my hair and I complained that he was hurting me and would he do that at work to clients, when he got mmmmm cheesed off! and ripped the streaking cap off my head and tinted my WHOLE HEAD!!

Then after we broke up, I found a wonderful hairdresser that came to my house, so it's kinda a new thing in the last so many years having to visit a hairdresser again. But I've been lucky to have had two amazing hairdressers and it's nice to visit and chat :) But today I was quiet... I knowwwwww I've said quiet TWICE NOW in this blog WTF!

So I have hair all the one colour now, which sometimes is a good thing LOL and on the way home I picked up one of these babies:

Sometimes a good old Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Onion and BBQ sauce Burger is just the thing to lift your spirits and it went down mighty nice!!!

Now I haven't thanked Jake for his "Guest Blog" last night!

Thanks Baby Jake! And it wasn't half bad and here is the thing: It got more reads than the one of me being sick...... :( But don't tell Jake!

So there was just one thing: What is the BIG SECRET??? I read his blog halfway through last night when I woke up and thought OHHH NOOOOO it's either a Tattoo or a Piercing! And then when Jake came to say goodbye this morning, as I won't see him now until Saturday night for his BBQ after they do a kayak on the Brisbane River, so I said pleaseeeeeee do not get a Tattoo. He just smiled..... and then I said "Are you getting married?" he just smiled.

So Groover's he did say that I will know by tomorrow night, so stay tuned for whatever THE BIG SURPRISE IS.

Ok that's me kids. I am off to bed to get better so I can go to Baby Jake's birthday BBQ tomorrow night!


Me xxx


Matt said...

Obvious really, he is getting his wife's named tattooed next to his piercing...

The Morley Report said...


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