25 October, 2011

Stradbroke Shenanigans

Well Groover’s first of all let me apologise! I did have all good intentions of writing my Morley Report whilst holidaying over on Straddie (Stradbroke Island) but alas I became sooooo relaxed and chilled out that this in fact did not happen. My bad!

We all had the most amazing time ☺

And we celebrated all the boys birthday with a cake!

Saturday was spent exploring Straddie, checking out the rock cliffs (which freaked me out a bit) now you are prob trying to work out why they freak me out? Remember a few blogs ago about when I was a kid falling of the rocks fishing and having to get 17 stiches in my left knee? This could by why...

But the scenery was amazing!!

And if you look closely at this pic you will see Embee being piggy backed by Jake, cause she's a kid too you know!!

Buttttttttttt I was brave and kept up with everyone. The weather was just perfect as was the water! And we even managed to see a pod of wild dolphins having a play.

So after our busy morning we headed down to Cylinder beach for a swim. Only thing was that Embee Louise wasn’t allowed onto this beach. So both Em and I chilled out on the towel under some trees... Niceeeeeeeeeee.

Then after the beach we went to the Point Lookout Pub for a drink and something for lunch. Now back in the day, a longgggggg time ago people would rave about the pub. But a few years back they demolished it and rebuilt a new resort along with the pub. Whilst it was lovely, I think a good old beer garden on the point has much more character and it was a little bit too new! If that makes any sense?

So after lunch we were all full and very tired so we headed back to the house. It was such a great set up, our house. You see there was a section up stairs with bunk beds, lounge chairs and its own flat screen TV! Def a kids retreat!

Poor little Embee Louise was mighty tired; she had a ball but its def hard for a girl to keep up with everything. There were soooo many adventures to be had ☺

We had a little nap and then before dinner Embee and I headed out just for a teeny eeny walk but decided nahhh lets walk to the beach! Now the beach was only at the back of our house and three houses down to the sandy path. Hence why we could hear the sounds of the ocean from the back deck and inside the house!

Well kids I have to say it was a mighty good decision. You see it was just Embee and me, nobody around at all. The sun was setting and I could see the first star of the night up in the sky ☺

It was soooo nice to just stand there watching the waves, smelling the fresh air and I guess one might say I was reconnecting with ME! And I really loved it. There is something just so wonderful about being alone on a beach, of course with the kid you love (Embee) and just taking it all in. Nature is a wonderful thing.

And speaking of nature the other thing I really loved was that during the day when you were sitting on the back deck, you could look out and there would be lots and lots of “Santa Claus” blossoms blowing across the yard in the breeze.

Now I am not sure what you might call them in other parts of the world, but when I was little if you caught one you could make a wish ☺

We had a BBQ on the Sat night and sat around and chatted about all things meaningful, as you do ☺ And then it was time to hit the bed…. Ahhhhh so tired!

Sunday we had a great breakfast of bacon and egg burgers on that back deck that I loved so much! And after breakfast we went down to the beach for the kids to play in the surf, along with Baby Jake and his Big O! Embee played a little but was happy to sit with her mum on the beach towel in the sun whilst watching all the fun. It’s tough when you are five you know!!

Then before we knew it, it was time for the “Holiday Family” to make their way back down to the jetty to catch the barge back to the mainland.

You know it was the best of both worlds! Meaning that Jake, Embee and I had a night either side of our Holiday Family, so we got the peace and quiet and we also had the fun and laughter anddddddddd noise of a family. I loved it as I know both Jake and Embee did as well. Although Embee Louise I think needs a bit more stamina to make it through the day’s hehehe.

So when they all left we went out and got some mighty delicious lunch and then it was back home and back to the beach for some more fun! Jake took his Big O out into the waves and whilst it was a bit scary due to so many sharks being over there alonggggggggggg with blue bottles, he did survive and I only had 5 grey hairs sprout out on my head with the stress.

At one stage it was like Embee and I were Pamela Anderson from Baywatch, you know being on patrol and looking out to sea. ☺ Ohhh I can see it nowwwwwwwwwwwww hehehe.

We had a quiet night in on the Sunday night and then yesterday it was our turn to depart and head home. But you know what, whilst I had a great time, geez it was nice to come home.

Why I hear you ask? Welllllllllll do you know what today is?


Yep you read it correctly! Jake this morning took possession of our very own Spa and spent today filling it up and sorting out all the chemicals and thennnnnn trying it all out. Like a Test Dummy, but maybe just say Dummy...

And I came home tonight to find this!

I was soooo excited to leave work and dreamt all day of relaxing and seeing the stars whilst sitting in our spa.

So this kids is where I am going to leave it tonight.

Tomorrow will be Spa Wednesday. Eventually orrrrrrrrr even could be now, you guys will be like: Okkkkkkkkkkkkk Morley, enough Spa talk. And I promise I won’t be all about spa’s but Groover’s humour me for one last day ok and then I promise not to mention it too much!

What can I say, my hole is soooooo excited and happy to see all these things finally come together!

And on that note, time to hit the Spa! ☺


Me xxx


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