31 October, 2011

Doing it for the Boobies!

Well Groover's I sure travelled some kilometres over the weekend, but geez I had me some fun! ☺

It all started on Friday afternoon with my great friend Deborah Morandin collecting me from work for our little “Thelma & Louise” adventure down at Surfers Paradise for The Girls Night In. We just had to find us our own Brad Pitt and you knowwwwwwwwwwww there was that little Man Auction to look forward to....

We checked into the Holiday Inn and how lucky were we to be given a room on the 22nd Level with the most amazing views, thanks to Michelle Massey! We also had a little surprise of a lovely bottle of champagne with strawberries! Definitely a great way to start the evening ☺

Now the event was called “Girls Night In” Pink Party and it was a Cancer Council Pink fundraiser and my wonderful, brave and courageous friend Deborah Morandin was going to be the official speaker for the night.

So after having our champagne and strawberries we got ourselves beautiful and made our way downstairs to the Main Ballroom, which looked so lovely with all the decorations.

We also were given some great Goody Bags (that we went through much later in the night back in our room like little giggly school girls! Okkkk well maybe that was just ME!) and then I made my away around to look at all the tables with lovely things to buy.

All the money went to charity and there were some amazing products to check out.

I picked up some skin products to trial from


from the lovely Melissa Tan,

Deb purchased a lovely bracelet from

Caroline C.

and the candles and melts were amazing at

lemon canary

And we bought some delicious little baby cupcakes from Jay Fawckner from

BayBee Cupcakes

that we polished off back in our room later that night!

We also checked out the stall for Chatterbox and there was a competition to “Like” them on Facebook as they had a laptop set up to log in and for every "Like" they donated $1 to the cause.

By the end of the night Chatterbox raised $80 alone on those likes and Groover’s let me let you in on a little secret: Chatterbox is such a unique product and soooo cheap! Just the thing to get for that person you just NEVER KNOW what to get.

It’s a box of conversational cards and only costs $20! Here is their website and I would highly recommend a box or two for friends!

Chatterbox Collections

So the night was a huge success and the girls Michelle & Leanne our wonderful MC's for the night did an amazing job!

And whilst it was a lot of fun I loved how they also got straight to the point about Breast Cancer and what we should all be doing, butttttt by Humour! Check this link out:


I loved it! hehehe

My wonderful friend Deborah Morandin from The Butterfly Experience also shared her amazing story with the crowd, as she herself is a survivor of cancer, many times OVER!

Here is her website:

The Butterfly Experience

And you can also find her on Facebook:

The Butterfly Experience Media & PR

But of course I think secretly we were all waiting for the Male Auction!

Let's just say it was interesting.... anddddd if I didn't have to pay my Mortgage it might have been a tad MORE interesting night LOL.

But Groover's the guys were such great sports about it! Seriously.... esp after a couple of the bidders put their men to work!

There was also one "Group Bid"

Geez that HOT BOY must of been exhausted by the end of the night! tee hee

Deb and I had lots and lots of fun!

And they even had a photo booth that we had a photo taken in!

And at the end of the night they announced the winners of the Silent Auctions along with the winner of the Chatterbox prize anddddddddddd drum roll please kids.....

My mate Deb won!!! It was very exciting and the gift was soooooo AMAZING!!! I know she was secretly chuffed as she kept singing to me for the rest of the night "I won me some Moet, I won me some Moet...."

A wonderful night was had by all and the next day was beautiful and fine and sooo nice to wake up 22 Floors high with such great views at The Holiday Inn in Surfers Paradise.

So kids if you are looking for somewhere close to all the action in Surfers Paradise,

The Holiday Inn at Surfers

is the place for YOU!

Michelle is also into Fashion and has her own label. And I have to share something with you Groover's: we bumped into her on Saturday afternoon and she had the most amazing dress on, I just wish I had thought to take a pic! But here is her website:

Glamour Party

So we checked out and then I hit the road for Coolum to visit my gorgeous friend Brenton and his dog Max! Of course I took Embee Louise along as well!

It was great to hang out in Coolum with them and again the weather was amazing!

Andddddd the wonderful weekend ended today with a special delivery all the way from America!!

So Xmas my friends has come early in the Morley House! Isn't Jake, Ashlee and Embee Louise LUCKY! hehehe.

Well that's it from me. Thanks to all the wonderful people who made my weekend so fun!!


Me xxx


Butterfly Deb said...

Had such a great time with you Karen, or should I say Thelma :)

Thanks for supporting me on the night :)

Wuv Deb

The Morley Report said...

Anytime baby! Ummm Deb, do have to give our "Brad Pitt" back yet? hehehe hohoho

Anonymous said...

LOL, Na lets keep him handcuffed to the spa Thelma. :)


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