08 October, 2011

Jake on the River....

Well kids as I type this blog our Baby Jake is just about to head off on a Kayak on the Brisbane River.

But if we flashback (don't you just love a good flashback!) to this day 21 years ago I was as big as a whale and wondering just when my baby would arrive. Little did I know that it would only be a couple of days and I would be giving birth to a humungous HEAD! hehehe. But what can I say, I do love that head. But shhhhh don't tell it ok!

I have a special blog planned for Monday dedicated to that HEAD and of course my Baby Jake, but tonight I just wanted to share a couple of pics and thoughts.

I remember reading on a greeting card many years ago that having a child, fills up a part of your heart that you didn't even know was empty. Oh how true are those words.

He is a good kid, well most of the time.... And it's been me that is lucky to have had him in my life. We been through many times together that old Baby Jake and me and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

It seems like only yesterday that I could open the upside down Fridge door over his head!

And now he is probable taller than the whole fridge :)

But back to tonight! So like I said right now Jake & Co are doing this:

And if you look closely at that pic you will see the Story Bridge. Yes Erica, we allll know you LOVE THAT BRIDGE :)

And this time tomorrow afternoon Jake & Co will be climbing that too.

Now I hear you ask: So Karen, as the mother of Baby Jake why are you not on the River? And I my friends, my Groover's say back to you ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

My plans are to turn up AFTER the kayak for the BBQ. Because the way I see it, I like to live and oh well I like to stay DRY!!

But Groover's, it's THE BIG SURPRISE that def has me worried. If it's his hair, hey I don't mind hair grows back, butttttttttt my money is on a tattoo!

Now Jake hates needles with a passion. You only have to say the word Needle and it brings tears to his eyes. So I would like to say to you and more to myself NOOOOOO you've got it all wrong. Butttttt here is the thing. My mothers and even more so, MY WOMEN'S intuition is telling me it's a tattoo :(

I promise that when it is revealed later tonight, when I pick myself up off the floor and can focus and take a picture, I will. Just for you kids..... But if it's a bit blurry it might be due to my tears.

Yesterday when Jake left for work the last thing I said was "don't get a Tattoo. I made that body....". Like that was ever gonna work. But hey, a girl can dream.

So I best be off to get ready. OMG if I had only thought, I myself could have got a tattoo and upstaged him at his own 21st BBQ. Fake of course! What did you think I was? Stupid.

Don't even answer that one hehehe.

Ok, wish this old mother some luck! I said LUCK!!

Me xxx


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