16 October, 2011

Reconnecting with a Morley....

Have you ever lost contact with someone and for a very long time have tried to find them, but with no luck?

I have and tonight I finally found him! I met him when I was very young and we just lost touch. However tonight I finally found him and I am really excited to catch up.

It's funny isn't it what Facebook has brought into our lives. The reconnection with friends from the past - I just love it. I've found school friends, work friends, holiday friends, people that I have even forgotten! But I have to say it's been fun catching up with everyone and tonight has been the best.

I even had a dream about my friend on Friday night so thought I would try again to find him and was successful. Thanks Facebook :)

So it was another peaceful day in Morley Manor today.....

I took my Mum home early today and we had a visit from the Electrician.

Andddddd the highlight of my day wasn't this:


or this.....

Although she is cute!

But thissssssss

Yep that's how sad I am LOL

Not long now until I can plug in the spa :)

I had another lovely late afternoon Nana Nap and then welcomed Louise to stay the night. So tonight it's me, Louise and Embee Louise.

It's a Baby Jake free house and I'm loving it! hehehe. Nahhh I miss him a little, but shhhhhh again, we cannot share these things out loud or Jake might hear!

And tonight I would like to leave you with this:

So kids have a good night and a good Monday and see you tomorrow!

Me xxx


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