02 October, 2011

Circle of Friends

Well I have had the loveliest weekend.

Some of the time was spent with myself :) and some of the time catching up with some very lovely friends.

Friday night was dinner down the road at the local tavern with my neighbour as previously mentioned in Friday nights blog.

Saturday afternoon was spent in Redcliffe.

Redcliffe is one of those places that you remember when you were a kid going to. Maybe it was with your Mum and Dad or you could have gone there with your Grandparents. I can remember getting excited going over the Hornibrook Highway and seeing the millions of Jellyfish and counting all the Pelicans sitting on top of the lights :)

My Grandparents used to holiday there in the 1950's and even I had a holiday there with them when I was 10. I even have a scar from that holiday! Talk about a good souvenir!

Grandad and I went fishing, off the rocks, as you do..... I got a bite and got excited and fell into the water and then I panicked and as I was climbing out of the water I ripped my left knee open on the volcanic rocks. My Grandad was soooo in trouble when we got back home. I also had to go up to the Redcliffe hospital and ended up with 17 stitches in my right knee.

And you know what I remember the most about that time, well that the nurse was from Scotland and I was a HUGE Bay City Rollers fan! TRUE STORY.

But Groover's Redcliffe has come a long way from those days....

We had the most delightful afternoon. How great is it to just walk out in the fresh air, seeing the blue waters of the ocean, breathing in that salt air and enjoying the freedom of a Saturday afternoon.

A late lunch was in order and we decided, anddddd can I just say it was hard decision where to eat, as there are soooo many new places to eat now in Redcliffe along the waterfront.

But the decision was made and we had our meal at Outback Jacks.

Deb enjoyed her Moscow Mule,

whilst I as the designated driver had a Lemon Lime and Bitters. The theme of the restaurant is of course Outback Australia and high up on the ceiling is this:

The food was great value and the staff were very friendly and very attentive.

After our "late lunch" we wondered down along the Redcliffe waterfront and out onto the jetty. There are alot of council works going on at the moment but after they have completed all of this work Redcliffe will be reborn and come alive once more.

So if you find yourself at a loose end one weekend, take a drive out to Redcliffe, you won't be disappointed!

Then today I went to my friend Marie's house for lunch. First of all Groover's the word "house" well just doesn't describe it, not really. The feeling when you step inside well it feels something like Bali or a Day Spa! I just loved it. Listening to the running water from outside, the cool breezes the lovely company :)

Sometimes there is nothing better than to spend time chewing the fat with friends.

Well kids that's it from the Morley Mansion tonight!

Me xxx


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