01 October, 2011

The Dag has landed....

According to the Urban Dictionary:

A dag is technically the matted wool on a sheep's tail, but in typical useage throughout Australia, it refers to people who don't have a neat, tidy or cultured appearance. It can also refer to a person who tends to be quite informal.

It is not necessarily a derogatory term in modern useage, but almost always has negative connotations - ie " He's a real dag!" or as an adjective - " His clothes are daggy." Often it is used in relation to someone unfashionable.

The term "dag" is also a type of compliment as used between mates, both male and female. For example, "you dag" means you're a bud but your way of thinking sure is different from mine!

Some may call me Karen, Kazza, Kazzachezza (but that's whole other BLOG!!), Shorty, Morley, Mumma D but on weekends you my friend may call me Dag! Because all week I get up, do the hair and makeup for work and of course look amazing! LOL But on weekends, ohhhh the weekend is for sleeping in - at least until 8am! I know I'm a rager.... anddddddd no make up, no blow dryer just me a la natural! As scary as that may sound.

Here are some recent "Daggy Morley Pics"

You know I can remember having a good friend when I was in my early 20's who as soon as she got up in the morning would have a full face made up and never left the house without that made up face!

And the same friend had natural red hair, freckly skin but of course (it was the 80's!) she would have it bleached blonde and wear pancake makeup all the way under neck down under to the top of her boobs (could have gone further down, but thank god I never saw it hehehe). She NEVER took all that make up off, and we used to joke that when she woke up in the morning, her WHOLE FACE would be left on the pillow.

But imagine this, if you dare..... You are a boy, you've won on (picked her up) taken her home, how shall we put it: got it on baby!! and then you wake up in the morning and the girl you brought home, well her "FACE" is now on the pillow and you really truly see what she looks like! hehehe. I know I don't mean to be mean.

But you know what used to amaze me, we would all walk into a nightclub back then, yep they had electricity back then! Amazing hey..... and all the boys would turn to look at her, my friend. And here is the funny thing, after she got married and had her first baby, she went to back to being "natural", red hair, not much make up and I have these two photo's both very different, one of her as a Blonde Bombshell and one as a Red Headed new nursing mother. If I showed these to you, (which of course I am unable to do here, cause what can I say, I like to keep a house and eat! she could sue me etc.......) anyway if you saw them, as others have done in the past, you wouldn't even think it was the same person. True Story.

But here is the big thing: to me, if you knew her, really knew her, even with all the makeup and hair, to me she wasn't a very "beautiful person", because of her personality. She was a user and schemer and took it me quite a few years til I decided to walk away from our friendship.

You look alll that and sure men will turn and look, but the fact that I knew her the person, well to me that made her ugly, eventually..... And I would like to think that when we get older we realise that it's not all about the looks. Sure they are great and PLEASE who doesn't like "Eye Candy" but at the end of the day, when the looks fade, it's the person, the soul, the heart that matters the most. Both in friendships and relationships.

So on weekends I may be a dag, when I can get away with it. But I would like to think it's me the person that counts, not all the whoooo hahhhh with clothes (although believe it or not, I do in fact like to wear clothes... most times!) make up and making sure my hair is done.

I have one close friend nowadays, we don't see each other all the time. She is a lot younger than me and we lead completely different lifestyles buttttttt here is the thing, she has taught me that you should never judge people by how they look. She is absolutely beautiful, a real stunner, def a natural beauty, of course enhanced by nowadays things eg. fake tan, sometimes hair pieces but the thing is Groover's she doesn't need them AT ALL. She is soooo incredibly beautiful. And initially you may look at her and think: OMG she must be sooo up herself, look how beautiful she is and also young women nowadays like to wear what I like to call "little clothes" hehehe. But she has taught me such a HUGE LESSON at this stage in my life.

You see not only is she beautiful on the outside, but on the INSIDE, where it counts the very most, she is a STUNNER :)
She has taught me not to judge a book by it's cover, but to open the cover, read a couple of pages, get to know that book.

She has such a beautiful soul and heart. And why would someone that looks like this, who is soooo much younger than myself, take the time to want to hang out with me. And honestly I am not putting myself down here, but when I was her age I would never have taken the time to hang with someone as old as me!! (I know I'm hip but come onnnnn hehehe)

And currently my good friend is going through a "man issue" and she deserves sooo much better. It just goes to show you, no matter what age, how good looking you are, we all at times in our lives find the "love life" hard going. I know that the guy that does end up with my friend, will be the very luckiest person in the world and I am sure that one day very soon, my friend will find her "true soul mate". She just needs to hang in there.... which of course is easier said than done.

So next time you are out and about, and go to judge someone because of how they look, be it with or without make up remember this:

It takes time and effort to really get to know someone before we judge them. There are so many interesting, smart and valuable people that sometimes don't fit into the mold that we and society have created. And at the end of the day it's up to us to decide on how we will judge the people that we meet in our lives.

Very deep I know for a Saturday night, but sometimes kid's you gotta say what's on your mind and in your heart :)

See ya

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Would really love to read about Karen Mead and high school days in the Morley report. hehehehehe

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