12 October, 2011

John Edward, Crossing Over and Toilet Buddies plus a My Hole Update!

So Groover’s last night I went on a little adventure to see Psychic – John Edward in a live show. (Thanks Cris!)

Now I have to tell you that I am not that into all those freaky psychic shows. But I have been a fan of John Edward for prob about 10 years now and have seen him once before.

And just so you know, I don’t go to these things for my Grandad or Nana to come through. If they did it would freak me out BIG TIME. And they both know it ☺

I guess I go to be a voyeur, because it sure is interesting to watch it all unfold before your very own eyes and ears, live - rather than on TV.

I went with my good friend Maureen.

And it was def a packed house. And another good friend of mine Kylie was in the crowd too!

When we got there we went to our seats and not long after they announced that there had been a traffic accident on one of the main roads not far from the venue and as John would speak for 2 hours, it would prob be a good idea whilst we were waiting for the late people to arrive, to make a little visit to the bathroom.

Now I decided nahhh I don’t need to go. But what is it that once someone says this you can virtually hear your bladder filling up and you JUST KNOWWWW there is no way you will make it through 2 hours of the show without having to go!

So after thinking I would be fine, I did decided to go just incase. Now I always used to joke in nightclubs years ago that the bathrooms were def designed by males, because there are usually only a couple of toilets in the women’s bathroom. How true though! Think about it...

But over the years I have often made me some “Toilet Buddies” as I like to call them. Because whilst you are waiting & busting in that queue you start making chit chat. And then somehow as the night progresses it’s like your bladders become in sync because next time you need to go to the bathroom you find yourself YET AGAINNNN in that same queue with some of the same girls!!

I can remember one night, of course I had had a few little drinkies and I had made a few new “friends” in the bathroom and they had written their phone numbers on my arm, so that we could catch up again etc. I tend to make friends in the strangest places LOL.

And I can remember being bold enough to go up to some guys and say “Hey so how has your night been? Met many girls, got many numbers? Then I showed them my arm with the phone numbers and said “check out these babies!!!” hehehe.

So back to last night, big queues and they had even turned some of the boys bathrooms into girls ones (which of course I happened to use) and we had a queue coming in each door and we met in the middle. So when it was my turn, the cubicle door wouldn't lock anddddddddddd at the end my toilet wouldn’t flush :( Don’t ya just hate it when that happens.

So finally I gave up and opened the door and said to the whole entire bathroom full of ladies, the door doesn’t lock and the toilet doesn’t flush! They all laughed and one lady said then out loud “Well you are a very brave woman…” and the WHOLE BATHROOM laughed! Hehehe. Trust me!

So as per the norm, John was amazing.

And whilst neither myself or Maureen had a reading, as such, it’s sure is interesting what you take and pick up from the night.

Here are the two lessons that John taught me last night.

Number 1 Lesson: I have never really thought about it this way, but thinking back to the last few months, esp since I have been writing my blog nightly, I do believe that The Morley Report is in fact helping me to heal from my Grandad’s passing. And you know what kids? That’s a nice thing ☺

Number 2 Lesson: The very last couple to be read in the audience, well it was a very sad story. Not that some of the others weren’t. Some can be funny, some make you feel sad and a few might bring a tear to your eye.

But this couple, after John had been telling them things for a while, we found that they had in fact lost their son, only a year ago and he was only 8 years of age! He had died due to a car accident not far from their house. John talked about the little boys ashes that they keep in a teddy bear and how her son was with her when she went into his bedroom and laid her head down on his pillow, to smell him because she missed him and wanted to feel close again to him. I tell you there were many of us in the audience with tears in our eyes.

I guess it made me think. Here I was a bit upset about Jake's tattoo. And you know it's not really about the Tattoo but more about the fact that he is growing up, being his own person, making his own decisions and I don't always really know what is going on with him in his life. But that I'm afraid is one of the fun things with parenthood as they get older.

I describe it a bit like this: so I cut the umbilical cord a few years back. I don't want Jake to be a Mummies Boy! But there were prob say three little strands left and I think over the weekend just gone two more broke. So he is just hanging in there attached to me by one teeny eeny part.

But then I heard these parents share their very sad story last night. I said to myself "Morley get a grip! You are all upset about Jake and the tattoo and these people lost their 8yo son." It kinda made me put things into perspective I guess.

So that my friends was last night.

Today there was a bit of movement at my hole! We had the slab put down for the spa and the very old and veryyyyyy sad side fence removed and this is where we are at tonight.

Tomorrow the rest of the fence will happen, then the electrician makes a visit and then OMGGGGGGGGG the Morley Spa will get delivered. Exciting times :)

Catch ya tomorrow

Me xxx


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