29 September, 2011

The Secrets of Baby Jake.....

In eleven days Baby Jake is turning 21. 21 Groover's! So that put's me at around mmmm 27. What can I say, I hit puberty REALLY EARLY in life....

But more on Jake turning 21 in a very big blog to look forward to in coming days. One to mark in the diary :)

But tonight's topic is all about secrets. You know the kind you don't tell your Mother. And can I just say, there are SOME secrets that us Mum's are quite happy not to know.

But it's hard you know, when your child starts getting older.

I miss my Baby Jake. There I've said it.

It only seems like yesterday he got his first tooth,

rang his first "Porn Hotline',

wore training pants,

danced in the nude, made a cute little song about a "Vase" whilst nude...... and most of those were only last week! hehehe

When they are little they love to hang with you. As they get older they start to pull away a little and hang with friends, which is fine because you want that. You don't want some sookie Mumma's boy. But it's hard when they don't really need you anymore.

Mind you once they are sick (and having said that Jake is on the verge of coming down with Man Flu again....) oh yeah thennnnnnn they need ya!

Earlier this year, on a Thursday night, Jake would come home very late after work. Usually around 8pm. At the start I didn't ask Jake where he had been as now that he is older, it really isn't any of my business. But of course I was curious. Eventually I asked and made a joke - was he going to get a tattoo done bit by bit, every Thursday night? So from then on every Thursday night when he came home late, I would ask how the tattoo was coming along. And do you know to this day I STILL don't know where or what he was doing.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some things EVEN I don't need or want to know.

And this brings us to last night. Jake worked back late due to us having a meeting with the State Government about the beautiful railway line and bridge going up near our house. All good on that front, it was more a PR visit, for now.......

So Jake said he would be home by 8pm and it was my turn to cook dinner. So 10.30pm comes and no Jake. Rang the mobile a few times, no Jake. Finally Jake rings back and is on his way home.

Nowwwwwwwwww he doesn't tell us where he has been. He says to me "Do you really want to knowwwwwwwwwww" and that makes me scared Groover's. No I do not want to know. So I go to bed and leave Ashlee there to probe for the goss.

All I can tell you is this: I believe there is a Hot Latino Cleaner at his work..... oh and it's a Girl hehehehe.

Ohhhhhhhh I sure do miss my Baby Jake. The Baby Jake that used to tell me stuff, hang out with me and give me and Humphrey B Bear hugs :(

And def don't like this hairy kid, with a deep voice and the hots for Latino Cleaners.

Ahhhhhh Groover's, my Baby Jake is a growing up!


Me xxx

Check this pic out. Tonight Jake accidentally locked himself outside when he went out to the car for something. And was knocking and knocking........ and nobody would let the poor old "Man Flu" boy in :(

In this house we like to call that Morley KARMA Baby! :)


Jakeysam said...

Learn proper grammar woman... latino is male, you are looking for latina. In saying that, I am still yet to confirm nor deny.

The Morley Report said...

Ohh I thought it was Latino, sorry. Unless I did get it right and it really is a Man Cleaner? hehehe

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