26 September, 2011

Techno Morley and all that Jazz....

Ok, so hands up if you are Technology challenged?

I have to say I'm not too bad, but I do have my moments.

Today one of the guys I work with confessed to me that somehow he had accidentally come across my blog on the internet. And Groover's he was a Blog Virgin. I guess one could say that I deflowered him..... Poor Boy! hehehe

But you knowwwww it got me thinking about how far I myself have come technology wise. I can remember when I was 13-15 years of age at High School and started to learn to type on the good old manual typewriter.

A few years back Jake would say to me: why do you type so loudly on the computer? And I would say because Baby Jake, back in the day when I learnt to type at school I had to build up my little finger muscles to make the "a" key to work! And now with computers you don't need to type so hard but hey you cannot teach an old dog new tricks kids!

And you know something funny, in our typing class at school we were pretty swish anddddddd we used to have two YES TWO! Electric Typewriters in the front of the class that in each class we would take turns to use. Oh yeah I was def up with the times Groover's LOL. Some could even call me Hip and Happening back then.

And when I started working full time I remember when computers were introduced into the workplace and all the older people were freaking out with the changes. Of course me being 16 years old, adapted with no problem whatsoever! Now though I def get the freaking out at changes thing..... But that's a whole other Blog :)

But then I stopped working full time and gave birth the THAT BIG HEAD, you may also know him as Jake aka Baby Jake :) and I decided to stay home and raise that so called BIG HEAD.

Now fast forward a few years to when Jake was around 8 years of age and I returned to full time studies to obtain a Certificate III of Tourism, which went for 12 months. Now part of this course was Computers and get this Groover's this little Morley hadn't even held a mouse!! And I can remember that at one of the very first classes we actually created our own personal email address, the same one I use to this day!

But Groover's check out my funky new "Wireless Mouse" that I use at work!

Hey I said I was HIP!

Now since then I've gotten aboard the Techno Train and had a MySpace account when nobody in Australia knew what it was, I joined the School Friends website when back in the day it was still called School Friends, I also started to use MSN Messenger (thanks to Jake and Al, Skype and then my friend Mark introduced me to Facebook when I didn't even know what it was and also introduced alot of my friends to Facebook and gave lessons hehe anddddddd I'm sure they won't me me saying, but by introducing my friend Kelly to MySpace thennnnn Facebook, she met a lovely guy John from Canada and now are happily married living in Australia.

I also joined Twitter which I'm still getting used to and of course then my Blog - The Morley Report was born, due to my friend Cassie suggesting it. And just recently it was revamped into my own website with my own sexy domain name due to my friend Deb andddddddd of course all of James's hard work along with my other friend Barb's Logo design.

This little Morley sure has come a long way in the world, well techno wise and today after talking to my friend or should I call him Mr S, when he told me that he was a Blog Virgin it got me thinking about just far I have come.

So Groover's thank you soooo much from the bottom of my heart for all of the time you take to read my posts, to send me such lovely private messages and comments, it means the world to me.

I have had some people tell me that they look forward to reading it each night and that on some day's it's the highlight of their day to sit down and have a laugh. (And that's laughing with me NOT AT ME! hehehe) And I also have had some friends that tell me that they cannot go to bed unless they get to read The Morley Report first LOL. I kid you not......

Makes me smile and makes me a little proud, so thanks you kids!

Have a great day tomorrow, talk soon

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

It's true, it's hard to go to sleep without my Morley Report....

Sorry for txting with treats when I want to hurry you up :)

But sometimes I do laugh AT you..... (na only kidding)

The End xx


The Morley Report said...

You text me with treats? hehehe
Loved The End! xxx

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