10 September, 2011

Birthdays and Sea Changes....

Well Groover's first of all I would like to wish my Grandad, who had he been alive and still with us, would have turned 93 today! So a very Happy 93rd Birthday!

He was so excited when he turned 90. He always said that he didn't want to beat his Mum who had made it to 91, but he did! Then he made another goal to live to 95 (I think).

You know this is when I miss him the most. When I forget stuff and normally I would ask him and HE WOULD REMEMBER!!! Even though he thought his brain was getting tired, I would say are you kidding! You remember stuff that I don't know and I am lots younger!!!

Last year I was still I guess grieving but this year was sooo much better. I am sure he had a wonderful birthday with Nana and all the family in heaven! :)

Birthdays are funny things. I can remember just wanting to turn 17 so I could get my drivers license so I could zoom around and be independent. But then as you get older, well it's just a normal day.

One memory I do have from my childhood was a party I had when I was say maybe 4. My Mum made this special biscuits. They were Arnott's Arrowroot Biscuits with a smooth pink icing on the back and faces made from lollies. I thought I was soooo special to have them at my birthday party.

They looked a little like this:

Those were the days...... Life was just more simple wasn't it. Do you have any fond memories from birthdays when you were little? Any great presents that stand out in your mind?

Well tonight I am typing to you from Caloundra, which is on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. A beautiful part of the world.

A place that Jake and I lived back in 2002/2003 when we did our Seachange.

We were very brave, looking back now, packing up our lives and moving. Just Jake and I. Oh and Herman our old cat. After 6 months Jake told me he was homesick and my job sucked and I had left it and was unemployed. I had applied for a job and said to Jake, if I get the job we will stay and if I don't get the job we will move back.

Well fate has it's own agenda and the job interview that I had, which was with a brand new holiday property on the beach, went quite well. But there was this small little problem about the height of the building. You see they had built these apartments 1/2 metre too high and had sold all the penthouses. The local council had taken them to court and the property had won. Hence my interview.

But thennnnnnnnn I got the phone call. They informed me that they had to go back to court as the council had appealed and so they weren't sure how long it would be until they could open. Decision Made.

We moved back to Brisbane and the rest they say is history. And tonight my friend Jillian and I went to dinner in a restaurant under those apartments. I guess the court case turned out after all. Funny how things work out.

Well kids that's me tonight. I left my USB stick at home by mistake so no pics from today. Tomorrow I promise..... I even have a note from my Mum hehehe.


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Am staying tuned :-) jess xx

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