17 September, 2011

Did someone say Weekend? + 1980's Morley Vault

Ahhhh Friday is in the air, two whole days await. And it's a big weekend ahead.

Tonight we get two little visitor's Star and Bella. You see we are looking after them for my friend Deb for two nights. Embee has no idea what awaits her.....

And on top of that we have a Garage Sale planned for Sunday. Well actually Jake, Ashlee and Louise are running it. My job is to entertain the puppies!

So lots of things to do before then.

And tonight Jake is cooking dinner. Mmmm what to say? What will it be? Will I be able to eat it? I am hungry, so that's always a good start.

Now onto more important things:


New Years Eve in the 80's

The big nightclub back then to go to was called Sybill's Night Club. Now we used to go there every Fri and Sat nights. And we had decided to go there for New Years Eve. It was sooo hot inside that even upstairs and I can remember the mirrors on the wall were all fogged up!

I had taken a silly Santa squeaky toy into the night club with me and was of course squeaking away.... After midnight we decided to head to the Queen Street Mall. Now in these days it was a common practice for complete strangers to come up to you to wish you a Happy New Year and give you a kiss. Sometimes the kiss was just a quick smack on the lips other times it was a guy trying to slip his tongue into your mouth!!!

And of course not each guy was exactly GOOD LOOKING!!! But hey it was the 80's and back then at that time we didn't know anything about Aids, even though it was around, at that stage we had no idea. So these were common practices for New Years Eve. Anddddd if you could bag a kiss on a Policeman you were doing pretty well for yourself :)

So picture this, it's after midnight, the Queen Street Mall is packed full of people and alot of the drinking fountains have had their tops screwed off so that the water is spurting out like a fountain!

And you might like this part Groover's: So one of the guys from the nightclub picks me up and puts me right on top of the fountain. Like one giant enema! hehehehe.

I was drenched.

And you know what, I can still picture me waiting for a cab, at the cab rank, dripping wet! One New Years Eve I have still never forgotten, even after all these years!

God Bless the 80's!

Now when I started this blog tonight we were waiting for Bella and Star to arrive anddddd for Jake to cook dinner.

Well dinner was lovely and Bella and Star and now here, hanging out with Jake in his bedroom. Embee is upstairs with me and every now and then we go down and check on how the "new little family" is going and all seems well.

Must be strange for them, but I think it will be a big adventure and come Sunday afternoon they will be mighty tired when their Mum comes to collect them.

So on that note kids I am off to watch some Foxtel!

Night xxx


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