17 September, 2011

Saturday Yard Work in Morley World

Well tonight kids I am very tired. You see quite a lot of the day was spent in our lovely backyard cleaning and grooming my hole!

But what a glorious day! Oh how I have missed the sun.

Our special guests quite enjoyed themselves and last night both Star and Bella seemed right at home on the lounge with Jake and Ashlee :)

And today they loved coming outside and walking around. Checking on my work, I think they really loved being "outside kids" today. Embee took it all in her stride and a few times I saw her catching a few rays on the sun lounge and viewing me hard at work. As you do....

As it was such a great day I decided to wear my togs/swimmers. Of course I don't have a pic tonight of this, I didn't want to scare anyone....

But how great does it feel to be outside, breathing in the fresh air, feeling the sun on your skin. You def know you are alive :)

Oh and get this: At 6.30am this morning I woke up to a sound coming from a neighbour who was having???? Yep you got it: A GARAGE SALE! So not sure how ours will go tomorrow and for all we know they might be having theirs again tomorrow.

But right from the start I handed over the reigns as such of the Garage Sale to Jake, Louise and Ashlee. Currently it's 7.18pm and let's just say I don't see no Garage Sale..... But Louise is due to turn up soon and I am fading fast. So somehow I feel tonight will be interesting. Lucky I will be in bed!

So I promise to take pics of what eventuates tomorrow and let you know how it all goes.

Have a great Saturday night!

Me xxx


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