25 September, 2011

Desperate and Dateless....

Have you ever been to a Desperate and Dateless Ball?

Quite a few years back I decided to be brave and take the plunge and coerced, as you do, a few of my friends to join me.

It was held at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast and you had to fill out a questionnaire and you were then matched up. Then you were given their first name and phone number (these were the days before Mobile Phones... and Electricity hehehe) and then the games began. Who would ring who first? Would you meet up before the day? Where would you meet them on the day?

My "Date" rang me, thank god! We had a nice chat on the phone which went quite well and decided to wait until the day of the Ball and meet up in the city. One of my friends met her "date" a few nights beforehand and really hit it off.

So finally the day had come, new clothes, shoes and hair & make up done! Then came the scary bit, actually seeing what they looked like. Brisbane City was full of dressed up guys and girls ready for a big night.

Now my guy wasn't too bad, we met up in the city and sat next to each other on the bus on the way down to Dreamworld. We had a good chat but between you and me, he was just ok. He said something, which I can't quite remember today that reminded me of my ex-husband. So that was that hehehe. Still I was one of the lucky ones and held onto my date the longest that night.

It was funny because as we arrived at Dreamworld there were people everywhere, all dolled up to the nines and I will always remember the dude holding a watermelon! You see some people came up from the Gold Coast to Dreamworld and he had obviously told his date that he would be the one with the Watermelon. Very smart guy. Because of all the hundred's of people all dressed up how would you know which one was your date!

So right from the start people were ditching each other left right and centre. Someone went to get a drink and never came back..... Someone else needed to go to the Bathroom and simply disappeared! So the fact that mine lasted the longest was a pretty a good thing LOL.

It was one of the first times that Dreamworld opened their gates at night time, so to see so many well dressed people on rides after dark was quite amazing to see.

Alas there was no romantic hot man that night for me.... and the same went for my group of friends, but we did have fun.

The one thing I do remember from that night was one of our friends, let us call her Jane for this story, had had quite alot to drink and I was worried that she had gotten onto one of the wrong buses and went down the coast instead of back up to Brisbane. So after I got off my bus in the city (we had free entry into a Brisbane nightclub) Angela another friend and myself waited and waited and no Jane!

It had been a big day, getting ready, the whole anticipation anddddddddd we had sore feet. So we hobbled down to the nightclub and oh hello there is our friend Jane having a great time on the dance floor! I could have throttled her!

I guess as you get older you learn to put yourself first and whilst you care about your friends, you don't let it spoil your own night! You see I was talking to another younger friend tonight who had had not a very good time out last night and I told her this very same story. You live and learn I guess Groover's.... that's life!

Oh and just for the record: That was the first and last time I attended a Desperate and Dateless Ball! Cause that's how this Morley Roll's..... :)


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

that is so funny, I went to the Dreamworld D&D Ball, OMG we went on the WAVE rider in a ball gown and all our dresses went up in the air... Pretty sure my date ditched me. but it was a good night..

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