08 September, 2011

Days of our Morley's....

So let's recap the day Groover's:

1. Garden Man and Bobcat Man arrive (very early) to start on the drains.

2. Jake and Ashlee move cars

3. I wake up! :)

4. Get ready for work and speak to my Garden Man and he suggests organising for topsoil to be delivered today to utilise the bobcat whilst we have it!

5. Embee stays home with the plan that if it gets too much the boys will call me and I will see if next door can do Doggy Daycare.

6. I ring the Queensland State Government Department about "The Letter" (see blog from last night.....)

Short story is that they just need to enter our property to do surveying as our property is the highest. They are nearly finished the surveying in the area now anyways and by asking for 12mths it just covers their arse if they want/or need to come back and survey some more!

I can live with it. And just maybe some good will come out of it where they will do their little surveying exercise and decide to build "The Overpass" a little bit further away from our house!!!! Hey, a kid can dream hehehe.

7. Embee gets picked up from our lovely neighbour and has a day of "Doggy Daycare" complete with LOTS OF FOOD!!! ** Please Note: Embee is currently passed out on the lounge next to me snoring her head off!

8. I organise a delivery of nice topsoil to dress my filled hole! :)

9. Nice drama's with my work computer that will continue tomorrow.... I can't WAIT!

10. Pick up Miss Embee Louise from next door, to find out she has already come home because around the 4pm mark, she is on Mumma Patrol. Which means she actually starts waiting for me to come home, to hear the car. It's like she knows the approx. time I get home and at that stage it's all about waiting for me. No playing, no wee's maybe even no FOOD!!! Ok, I did say maybe.... hehehe.

11. Jake is cooking dinner tonight for our "Family Dinners" but hasn't started yet?? Me thinking it might consist of a Pizza Delivery.... buttttttt I could be wrong. Me wrong? Ohhhh NEVER!

12. Time for me to sit, relax and listen to nice music.

13. Did I mention it's THURSDAY. Can you believe we made it Groover's??? Remember the other day when I was talking about how much a Monday can suck!

14. ** NEWSFLASH.... MORLEY NEWSFLASH ** Jake has arrived at my kitchen to prepare dinner. Mmmmm no pizza. I hear the microwave being pressed. Could be Baked Beans.....

Stay Tuned!

Over and Out

Me xxx


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