24 September, 2011

All Hail the Organiser & Secret Garden M.

Have you got one of those cupboards that just need organising? Do you put it off and put it off and then one day you think: OK today is THE DAY!

So I took myself off to this place:

Now this isn't my first visit to this store. I found it a couple of years ago and whilst I'm not a gadget person I have to say that they have the most amazing things. Thing's that you don't even know you need, but that you def decide to purchase :)

So I came home and finally..... organised my medicine's. It's been driving me insane for a long time when I opened the cupboard, normally when I'm sick or Jake has the Man Flu.... I can never find what I need. Even though I know it's in there somewhere.

So this my friends is the completed makeover:

I know, it's quite Sexy isn't it!

I guess I was a born organiser. I can even remember once in Primary School (Ages 5 - 12) it was even written on my Report Card. Of course this is also what I do for a living, being a Team Assistant. And as sad as it is to say: It's My Thing.

Makes me feel good when I look around and see things in their place. Now you might say I'm Anal! Buttttt I'm not that bad. (Just don't ask Jake...) Promise you Groover's.

Then this afternoon Embee and I spent the afternoon in our back yard. Now I want to share two plant's with you. Kinda like a Burke's Backyard. Mmmmm maybe it should be called Morley's Hole??? Morley's Mosh Pit? Okkkkkkkkk Secret Garden M.

Anyhoo, moving on..... So I have shared with you guys once before a pic of some little yellow roses that my Grandad used to have in a broken pot on his Balcony. But the thing was that he gave them to me to re-pot, which I never really got around to. And after a while they looked like they had died. And then after my Grandad passed away, one day when I came home from work I noticed a little green shoot. So I re-potted the little plant and nowwwwww it's come alive and every now and then Grandad gives me a little Yellow rose. Sometimes it's two and today was one of those day's.

And then there is also one other plant. It's an old fashion Gerbera plant one of many that my Nana planted many many years ago when we lived in Paddington. And after my Nana passed away and my Mum and Grandad moved to Redcliffe, we dug it up and potted it and took one of the plants with us.

And then when they moved to the Retirement Village it came along too. And then after Grandad passed away it was a "special" thing of my Grandad's that meant alot.

Funny thing was that Grandad and I used to talk about this plant alot. And how that sometimes it looked like it was dying but out of the blue would come to life. So, so far it hasn't died on me. But I'm still waiting for a flower to bloom, so stay tuned Groover's.

Ok, gotta go a good friend has popped in with some wine..... so gotta be a good girl and have a drink.

Chin Chin kids!

Me xxx

And it's just not plain wine - we have the delightful Hibiscus in Rose Syrup in our delectable white wine. Mmmmmmm


Jakeysam said...

Learn how to spell mumma D... is "H-A-I-L"

The Morley Report said...

Oops! See it all goes to shit when you aren't here. I did have it as Hail but thought I was wrong. See I'm NEVER EVER wrong Baby Jake :)

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