30 September, 2011

Did you smell that?

Yep, it's Friday, Friday,
Gotta get down on Fridayyyyyyyy :)

Two days kids, for some Australian's it's a three day weekend. But here in Queensland it's two days. But hey, it's better than nothing.

Baby Jake is away for the next two nights, staying at a motel on the other side of Brisbane.

I knowwwwwww I hear you say: Karen, is he with the Latino Cleaner? And my answer to that would be: of course not! He is staying at the motel because for the next two days he is doing a course to get some qualifications to work on a mine site.

Gullible I hear you say..... mmmmmmmmm maybe, but I believe Jake.

So it's a "boy free" house this weekend! Although Jake did think that maybe we wanted to get rid of him by suggesting he stay at a motel, so that we could have HOT MEN over..... I mean come onnnnnnnnn does that even remotely sound like ME!

What can I say. I'm not that fussy. You know years ago we used to joke, that we weren't that fussy, as long as the guy had a drivers license and two of their own teeth, then that would be fine! LOL

On other news..... tonight I had a lovely dinner with my wonderful neighbour Narelle, down the road from our houses at the local Tavern

You know over the years we have been really lucky to have such wonderful neighbours. And to me the best kind of neighbours are those that you see from time to time, that don't live in each others pockets but when you need them they are there for you. As you are there for them.

Narelle has been this friend for us. She loves Embee Louise and has helped us out over the last few weeks when my hole was being refurbished!

And also Embee loves Narelle's dog Chevy.

Now last night was all about Jake's secret's. Tonight let me fill you in on an Embee Louise secret.

When certain dogs come up to smell/sniff her, she is how shall we say, very VERY accommodating! You see she likes to lift her leg, wayyyyyyyy up in the air, to of course allow easy access....

But Groover's it's a bit like this. You can sniff, you can look but ohhhh noooo you cannot touch! I guess you might say Embee is a tease :)

And just for the record: NOOOOOO she doesn't get that move from ME!

So kids, relax and unwind. Enjoy your weekend and chat soon!

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

The Morley report should be written into book form Karen, i think it would be a best seller.

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