03 September, 2011

Morley is on her way to the Ball. The FBall to be precise....

Well Groover's it's a short and sweet (much like me!) Morley Report tonight. Why I hear you ask sadly.... or did I misinterpret the sadness for happiness?? hehehe.

Welllll because I have to get ready for a special night! I am going to the FBall tonight! Yep your read it correctly!!!! But more on that in a sec....

So today I dragged poor old Baby Jake along to the Spring Home Show, which was on at the Ekka grounds (see my previous blog a few weeks ago...) But you know what the highlight was? Nooo not the show, it was really crap!!! I went to get ideas for decorating my now filled hole and for the spa etc. But came up with nothing...

Butttttttttt my highlight was that I got to park my car in the Main Show Ring!

You see this is where all the action happens when the Ekka is on. And as a kid you would go and sit and wait for the Fireworks there at night time, you would check out the speeding cars, men on horses, cattle etc. etc. So to think I got to park my car there today flipped me out. What can I say - small things amuse small minds! hehehe.

But I did say to Jake, remind me next year that I don't want to go! Just incase I forget how bad it was :( The Spring Home Show that is!

Then Jake went home in his car and I drove into the city to Southbank because tonight kids in old Brisbane Town - it's RIVERFIRE! Where we celebrate the Brisbane River with Fireworks set to music that you can hear on the radio.

My friend Deb is having the FBall at her business called Riverlife, which as it may sound, is based on the Brisbane River. Same place Jake is doing some of his 21st later this year.

So yesterday I decided to be exciting and booked a hotel room just down the road from the Ball. Funny isn't it, how when you get older you just know what you like and what you don't like. It def is the good bit about getting older.

So to me, I knew I would be stressed trying to work out how to get into the city and home with all the street closures, traffic and people. This way I just rolllllll back to my room!

And it feels a little bit exotic to have a hotel room in the city where you live! You feel like a tourist in your own town and right now I am laying on luxurious sheets and later tonight I get to sleep in a dark room, maybe get room service, watch some late night tv.... or if I drink too much at the FBall, stumble into my bed and pass out! Either way it's a win win situation hehehe.

So kids I am off to get ready for the Ball!


Me xxx

My Dirt still looks amazing! Just incase you wanted to know!!!


Anonymous said...

I think I saw The Story Bridge .....I did, I did, I did!!!

p.s. make sure you sleep on top of the sheet & did you pack your Pj's??

The Morley Report said...

The Story Bridge said to say Hi! :)

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