28 September, 2011

Weddings, Parties, Anything...

I think Facebook has something strange going on. And no I'm not talking about the hoax thing that Facebook is going to charge soon....

You see I normally link my blog each night to Twitter and Facebook. And from there you can access it to read and I can also see how many people are reading it. And yesterday I did read on another blog page that they had noticed a drop in numbers of readers. And low and behold last night I experienced the same thing.

Now Jake says maybe people just aren't reading it anymore... and maybe this is true, butttttttt me thinks that maybe Facebook have changed something in the "behind the scenes part" that we cannot see.

So if you do like to read my blog, can I suggest a couple of things. You could save the website


to your favourite's on your computer and bring it up from time to time. You could subscribe to it via email, orrrr you can be a follower by joining Google. But if you ever have any problems or questions just send me an email to:


Ok enough of that....

First off all let's get this over and done with:

Yep that's me on my wedding day. I was 21 years and 2 months old. Just a baby! But more of that later....

Today would have been my Grandparents wedding anniversary. I can't remember the number... isn't that bad! But I know it would be around 70 year mark. And if you did read my blog last night you would have known that yesterday marked the anniversary of my Nana's death.

Yes, she died the night before their anniversary and you know something: she had asked me to buy her an anniversary card and had me bring it up to the hospital on the Friday, had me write in it for her as her hands were shaky and then I left it with her and the next day she gave it to my Grandad, and that night she passed away. He said it was the first time in all those years that she had ever given him a card not on the actual day. Makes you wonder doesn't it, if she in fact knew that she was going to die and not be there this time on the actual day.

And last year on this day, well I received a phone call in the morning and it was from the Crematorium telling me that "today they were going to place my Grandad's ashes in the wall with my Nana!". I of course had a few tears, but Groover's they were tears of happiness, because my Grandad loved my Nana so very much and missed her for 13 years and to know that on this very special day, their Wedding Anniversary that they would finally be together, well I could see the smile on my Grandad's face.

So don't be sad when I share this with you. It's a wonderful love story and it's rare nowadays to hear about such love.

A friend of mine tells me that she will always remember my Grandad, from the day when he showed her proudly of all his love letters that he sent to my Nana during World War 2, that he had kept all these years, even after Nana passed away.

So it got me thinking of other "wedding's" in my family. So if you promise not to laugh too much, here are some more pics of me at my wedding, it was in January 1988.

And here is one of my Grandad and Mum and of my Mum and Dad, who of course are now divorced, as am I (isn't everyone? hehehe) because they too are part of my family history! Otherwise I might not be here!! :) You can blame them hehehe.

If you looked carefully you may have noticed that there was a pic of Grandad escorting me on my wedding day and then one of Grandad doing the same thing for my Mum!

My Dad was so generous and thoughtful to suggest that my Grandad give me away on the day, as he had been the "father figure" in my life and I had lived with Mum and my Grandparents since I was 8. But my Dad did come to the wedding along with his wife and my brother and sister! Yep, sounds like a story line from Neighbour's or Home and Away hehehe.

So tonight Groover's I dedicate my Blog (if you get to read it that is....) to the most wonderful Love Story that I know:

My Grandparents Norm & Lou!


Me xxx


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