21 September, 2011

Taking on Townsville...

Well Groover's tonight I am writing The Morley Report from Townsville, Queensland.

You see I am here for work and flew in this morning with Ashlee. Here we are on the plane:

Townsville and I go wayyyy back. I moved here from Brisbane back in 1988 and lived here for a couple of years when I was first married.

To me though it seems like another lifetime ago to be honest. Or like a movie I once saw.

This is the third time I have come back since we lived here. I was newly married back in 1988 and my husband (at the time) had joined the Army and this was our first posting. I was so excited about moving here, a fresh start, finally together after him being away for six months at Army training and sooo many dreams for the future.

Jake was conceived here as well. And today we went for a drive past our old house.

It's always funny how I never EVER think about those times in my life but as soon as I step foot off the plane it all comes rushing back. You see this was when my marriage started to fall apart. So some very sad times too. Of course I wouldn't be the person I am today if those things hadn't of occurred in my life, but I guess it just makes me feel sorry for that young girl Karen, who was only 21 and had big dreams of being happily married with kids.

But that my friends was then and this is now. I sit here tonight, happy you know with my lot. I like my life A LOT! And I can't even fathom it any other way. And maybe I just put these things out of my mind in my day to day life and only when I am here do I truly remember what I went through and how I felt!

Anyway, moving on.... Tonight we are heading out for dinner annnnnnd thought I should prob write this before then, just incase the naughty Rum makes me type something I shouldn't.... LOL

Here is the view tonight from my balcony:

Not bad if I do say so myself! :)

I'm really looking forward to it, buttttt beforehand I am a bit excited about something else! My room has a BATH!

So on that note, I'm going to soak this old gal's body and promise to have a drink tonight in your honour!


Me xxx


Jakeysam said...

You told me I was an immaculate conception..!

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