20 September, 2011

Dirty Technical Talk.....

So let me talk to you about Technical stuff Groover’s! Noooo it’s not the new “Dirty Talk”, well not that I know of...

You see yesterday at work I was talking to my friend let us call him Mr B, who is a Senior Technician and is retiring in January next year. I will miss him lots as I enjoy our “chats” and we were talking about all things Technical and he said to me that he believes that you are either born that way (sounds like Gaga!) or not.

Now let’s face facts here, I’m a not a Technical kid by any means. I sometimes say to the guys at work, you know when you talk the Technical Talk all I hear is Blah, Blah, Blah…. aka Bart Simpson style. ☺ I’ve never EVER got the whole technical thing. I always say “That’s what Baby Jake is for”.

And when I was at high school I did the Business Studies subjects like Shorthand, Typing, and Bookkeeping. Reason being is that I was never interested in dissecting the poor little frogs ☹ in Biology or Physics, Chemistry...

I can remember poor little Baby Jake, who was def born with the Scientific Gene. We would be driving along in the car and he would say: “Mum do you know how a Bee flies?” and of course I would say No and he would go on to explain to me all about it. And again, all I heard was Blah Blah Blah. Mind you I would do the same with the Ninja Turtles and Pokémon. I mean please how many Pokémon can one Mum take in a day!

And of course another one of my great examples of Morley Mothering.

I would turn around in the car to Jake and say “You know what Jake, I don’t really care. I’m not that interested in why or how bee’s fly.” But understand this Groover’s, I do love my Baby Jake but sometimes he would waffle on about stuff that I had no idea about. And I hate to even say it out loud, let alone write it in words, but that Baby Jake knows some stuff! He def is smart buttttttt having said that, he also is very good at bullshitting (making stuff up when you don't know) and making out he knows stuff. But without sounding sexist… okkkkkkkkkkkkk I am sexist (Jake even says at times I am ageist!) boys/men are very good at making out they know things when they soooo don’t!

Did I hear you say “you tell em sister” ☺

And one other exciting thing that happened today was that 6 years after getting a cd player for my car and not being able to set the time we looked it up on Google and as we speak I have the correct time! I am very excited about this...

So see, I do believe that you are either born with that Technical gene or you aren’t. Me ahhh not so much.

And big “Jake News" Groover’s, Jake came home last Friday night to tell me that he has resigned. He has given four weeks’ notice and then has three weeks annual leave $$$ and is on the lookout for a Mining Job.

It’s hard as a parent, because me, well I would have got a job first then resigned. But it’s like this, Jake has supported me over the last few years when I have left jobs for other jobs and one time I did the same thing as Jake and resigned without another job to go too, gave 4 weeks notice and at the very last week got a wonderful job and had another week off.

But part of growing up is making these choices, whether they are right or wrong the thing is that they are yours and only yours to make. So I support Jake with his decision and I am sure he will succeed in whatever he decides to do next! ☺

Gotta run, the new Two and a Half Men is about to start with Ashton Kutcher!

Me xxx


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