23 September, 2011

There's something about Karen....

On the day I was born, both my Grandad and my Father went to find me in the babies room at The Royal Brisbane Hospital, and my Grandad said "I bet you that one there is Karen, the one with the hair sticking up on her head". And you know what? He was right :)

And today (well yesterday) nearly 45 years later it still happens.....

I like to call the below pic "There's Something about Karen" aka just like Cameron Diaz in There's Something about Mary".

What do you think Groover's, can you see the resemblance? LOL

I have always said that it was Jake that was a Roulette Wheel in a previous life because when he sleeps he spins around. But from the looks of my hair maybe I am one too hehehe.

And this pic I call Before Meets After:

It's been a big week and tonight I am pooped. Jake has gone off to Bundaberg to visit his Dad and Ashlee is off tomorrow night down the coast for a party. So Embee Louise and I have the whole house to ourselves.

Tonight it was girls night in, in Morley Manor. I cooked a lovely Beef Stroganoff! Straight from an 80's cookbook :)

It was interesting being in Townsville this week. I thought a lot about my past but you know what? It sure was great arriving back in Brisbane last night. I did love the views from my room in Townsville, overlooking the ocean and Magnetic Island, but geez Brisbane is swell!

Here is a pic of the Sunrise last Thursday morning in Townsville:

But I have to say I did find an interesting sight besides the ocean in Townsville. Well actually a friend pointed me in the right direction.

Take a look:

So the thing was that when I went to take my photo to share it with you guys, I completely forgot that there might actually be a funeral on..... I had all these plans of "Planking" on the sign. Imagine that: A Morley Planking a Morley Sign. Buttttt even I can't go that far sometimes.... I knowwwwww HARD TO BELIEVE!

And I can smell me some Friday night in the air. Yee Haaa Groover's!

Have yourself a lovely Friday night ok and chat tomorrow.


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Cool ya found it :)

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