27 September, 2011

My Nana with some Candles & Boxes thrown into the mix....

Well Groover's tonight both Embee Louise and I are stuffed! We put in a big day today at work, packing and sending out parts in boxes.

And as some of you know I have a bit of a phobia with packaging tape! But today I conquered my fear and taped up 12 boxes!!!

A very proud Morley moment :)

As I type Embee Louise is passed out on the lounge, snoring her head off. I mean a girl can only pack so many boxes you know.

And on a totally different subject: Today is also the anniversary of when my Nana passed away. And as sad as it is to say I can't quite remember how many years it's been. That's when my Grandad would come in handy. But it's been at least 14/15 years.

Now before I go any further I want to explain something. A friend mentioned to me the other night that when she reads my blog and when I talk about my Grandad it gets a bit sad for her and she cannot read it all and skips the paragraphs until I am talking about something else.

And what was interesting to me was that I don't find it sad at all. To me by talking about him and his sayings and my memories, to me it's keeping his memory alive and it makes me smile and sometimes laugh. Now it's taken me a while of course to get to this point but I am hoping that when you read my stories on my Grandad and now tonight my Nana, that you too will see that it's a celebration of their life. I want to share these stories, feelings, memories, which mean the world to me. So I hope I don't bore you and I def hope I don't make you sad.

My Nana was really like a mother to me growing up. We were very alike, both Scorpio's and at times would disagree on things, have different opinions etc. If she wanted something done she wanted it done yesterday! And the reason we clashed at times was that we were both very much alike.

Nana striking a Pose, wayyyyyy before Madonna!

Nana holding me up aka Lion King style hehehe.

Four Generations: me, my Mum, my Nana and my Great Grandmother (Grandad's Mum)

And I have her to thank for my love of ice blocks!!!! :)

Here's one of Nana and I on holiday at, wait for it..... REDCLIFFE!

Nana with her Mother and my Mum:

And me with Nana and my Great Grandma at Zillmere where Mum and Dad bought a house!

And you know I can remember one time digging up all her baby carrots in the garden to make a "pretend stew" for my dolls, which can I just add looked and tasted AMAZING! and getting a hiding for it!

But kids this is the best one: When I was in Primary School around 11 years of age, we were practicing this candle dance at school. And this one day that just happened to be my Nana's birthday, I decided to do a little practicing at home, in front of the TV (turned off, so I could see my reflection) as you do.....

The Candles looked a like this:

Now both Mum and Nana were downstairs under the house hanging out the washing, so I had plenty of time to practice. I went into my Grandad's bedroom and in his wardrobe I got out these fancy matches that he had received at Xmas time and went into the lounge room to light my candles.

They were a little like this but a bit more funkier! Remember it was the 1970's!

So I had a candle in each hand but then I thought to myself, as you do.... I wonder what would happen if I used one match and lit the whole pack! Yep I was a dick!!! And so I decided to give it a shot. Next thing I knew WOOSHKA up it all went in flames and I started to panic so quickly got a lounge cushion and smothered the flames!

Well it worked! But then there was that small problem of the smoldering cushion smell in the lounge room..... Not long after Mum and Nana came upstairs and of course smelt the burning cushion and as you can imagine I got into a whole lot of trouble!!! Happy Birthday Nana hehehe.

I don't have a lot of photos of her, you see she was a bit shy. Or so she would have you believe. Grandad and I used to joke with her that it's the quiet ones you have to watch. At least with us "loud" ones you know where you stand. And just for the record, when Nana wanted to talk, ohhhhh she could talk. So not so sure on that quiet shy title! :)

She loved being a Great Nana to Jake too

And you knowwwwwwww Miss Embee Louise is in fact named after my Nana. Of course not the Embee part, we've already established this fact in a previous number of blogs! But the Louise part. In memory of her. I know she would have loved Embee. She loved all our and my pets. And having said this, let me share one last "spooky" story.

The night my Nana passed away I was out with my sister in a nightclub in the city, as she had just turned 18. I had seen my Nana the day before at the hospital and she had improved a lot and was more like her old self. So that next night when we got home my dog, Dannii (spelt of course as Dannii Minogue, even back then....) was out in the front yard. Now when we had left that night to go out I had locked her inside and she was a medium size dog, so she couldn't have just "slipped out". I thought we had been broken in to, as the same thing had happened back on the previous Boxing Day, but that's another story!

So I decided to leave my car in the driveway just in case we had to make a quick escape. So we unlocked the front door and then I saw my answering machine (no mobile phones in those days) flashing lots with lots of messages. We checked all the doors and nothing. all deadlocked, no forced entry. Then I answered the machine. All calls from the hospital and then my cousin to tell me that Nana had passed away.

I was sooooo freaked out and I guess in shock and couldn't work out how Dannii (who my Nana loved very much) was outside in the front yard instead of inside where we had left her a few hours earlier. And after finding out about Nana, my sister and I decided not to stay the night there and went and stayed at my boyfriends place instead.

To this day I don't know how Dannii got outside and have often wondered if it was my Nana, coming to say goodbye.....

So there you go. Some interesting Nana stories. She was my Role Model and of the biggest influences in my life. I loved and still love her alot and it makes me very happy to know in my heart that my Grandad and Nana are together again :)

The End.


Me xxx


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