02 September, 2011

Let the Pigeons Lose! WE HAVE DIRT!!!!

Groover's, if you had ever told me that I would be ecstatic to see dirt in my back yard I would have never EVER have believed you.

Until now......

The day started off a little stressful. First the Bob Cat Man George, not to be confused as Bob (as I called him the other night... you know BOB Cat... hehehe) turned up mighty early. We were all still in bed. Then we had to talk Dirt Levels.... am I turning you on kids hehehe.

Then Ashlee drove me to work as we dropped my car off to have the Alternator fixed. As you do. And I also organised for my neighbour to come over and let herself in to collect Embee later in the morning for a day of Doggy Daycare! Phewwwwww I'm tired just typing it all.

When we got to work there was a lovely Mumma and her baby near where we parked that said a Good Morning to us!

Then later in the day there was that moment at work, where I rang and ordered some lunch and then walked outside to drive myself whennnnnnnnn I remembered Hello I don't have a car at work today! Talk about a Blonde Moment!

So lucky the day went quick and before we knew it we were picking up my car car! Then when I got home, why I do not know but hey I thought why not pick up some litter on the footpath. Normally not a problem, today not so! I tripped, then stumbled up the small hill of our driveway and ended up falling onto my knee!

So let me put it this way. The day I get my hole filled in I also end up with a scabby knee! What The?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh :( for me! Can't tell you the last time I had a knee that looked like that! Ok I can, but if I told you I would have to kill you! hehehe

But Groover's the time is here. Brace yourself for a pic of my finally "Filled Hole".

Ready..... Drum Roll........

Isn't she beautiful!!

And you know it's quite freaky to see your yard all at the same level. No more Pea Soup!!!! And you think well if you walk out into the middle you will slowly sink into the hole. You know like quicksand!

So after I went next door to collect Embee Louise, we let her be the guinea pig and walk out into the middle. Later when Jake got home, we let him give it a go too! I knowwwwww I'm so brave! Andddddd such a good Mumma!

But kids it looks amazing and I am so glad that I have persevered with it all. Just can't wait to see it with grass and the spa. We do have to wait a bit for the ground to settle before we do any further work. But soon kids soon :)

And I have to say a "Special Thank YOU" to our friend Steve from Southern Cross Pool Centre at Murrumba Downs, Queensland. Just down the road from us. Not only were they amazing over the last year in providing us with a great advice and help with our pool, they helped me out by delivering all the dirt for FREE! Yep for FREE! So if you don't mind I would love to give them a big plug!

If you ever need a great Pool Shop orrrrrr FREE DIRT, Steve is your man! Here is their website:

Southern Cross Pool Centre

Tell them The Morley Report sent you!

And if we could have afforded it right now we would have had Steve build us one of his amazing Magna pools! One day Groover's this is our plan but for now we are going with the spa. Unless of course we win Lotto! :)

Oh and I meant to tell you that in the morning after we all left for work. Jake's friend Louise had stayed over last night and didn't have to work today, so could sleep in. I wanted to warn the Bobcat man "George" you may witness a girl wonder out later in the morning hehehe. Thought I would give him the heads up! hehehe.

Of course Jake and I thought a nice sleeping pic would be a great way to end our Morley Report tonight!

Just like Sleeping Beauty - after a few drinks the night before hehehehe.

Night kids

Me xxx


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