09 September, 2011

Big Brother and I'm Home Alone....

Did you know that they are bringing back Big Brother Australia next year on Channel 9? Wanna know a Morley secret? I applied many years ago to be on Big Brother. Can you even imagine hehehehe.

And guess what?

Shhhhh I've the got the whole house to myself!! I just love it! Why I hear you ask: Well Jake and Ashlee have gone off to the Drive In for the night! Me, well I'd rather be at home, warm, relaxed, comfy.....

And I've already done the housework, put the washing on, I'm cooking dinner in the oven, I've even lit a Candle!! Bought some magazines to read, andddddd I'm listening to relaxation music via a Foxtel Radio Station called "Spa".

Ok, so maybe I'm not quite alone...... Embee Louise is here. She is such good company, so I guess I'm only half Home Alone!

How great is it though when you get that space, that peace and quiet. Just to be you, to do whatever floats your boat!! Minds out of the Gutter Groovers.....

It's funny cause I think some people might think that I like being surrounded all the time by people. But really I love my own company. Sometimes as I've gotten older, maybe a little too much! So even though I love a good chat and love to catch up with friends I guess I'm a 50/50 girl. Def a people person, buttttttt equally love just being me. And hanging with Embee of course.

And it's a Friday night. How damn exciting hehehe. I have a lovely weekend planned to catch up with some friends, so it's nice tonight just to be me.

I also wanted to thank those of you who have taken the time to write and let me know how much you enjoy reading The Morley Report. Means sooo much to me. So thank you.

It's interesting reading my blog and seeing where people are reading it from. As in what country etc.

Get this, in the last week I have had people read my website from:

United States
Hong Kong
and Latvia!

How amazing is that! So thank each and every one of you for taking the time to share in my stories and our lives! I knowwwwww it's my hole isn't it, that keeps you coming back for more! hehehe.

I do love a good story and I've probably got a billion + 3 more to share, so keep coming back Groover's!

I would love to know what kind of things you would like me to talk about. What stuff interests you? Would you like more pics? Smaller Posts? Naked photos of Embee or Jake? You know stuff like that.... please let me know!

Anddddddd feel free to comment at the bottom of each blog. You don't have to leave your name, you can just be a Mystery Person aka Anonymous.

Ok so have yourself a great Friday night and Saturday and see you tomorrow from a little place called Caloundra! It's on the Sunshine Coast, about an hours drive north of where I live in Brisbane. And I am going there for the weekend to catch up with some friends and take in the scenery, the beaches, the food and okkkkk THE EYE CANDY! Come on kids, someone's gotta do it.....

Me xxx

And what about Jake's dinner from last night I hear you ask. Welllllll yes he cooked. Yes we ate it. But I cannot divulge any further information due to a Gag Order Baby Jake has on me...... I can say though, it wasn't Baked Beans or Pizza!


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