07 September, 2011

Morley gets a Railway Line....

So today I return home from work to find a lovely letter from the Queensland State Government, asking for Jake and I to sign and return it to them, to give them permission for the next 12 months to use our "land" for - Vehicle and pedestrian access to carry out investigation work!

You see they are starting work on the Moreton Bay Rail Link to Redcliffe and the railway line is going across the road from us. Now we did know this fact when we purchased our house last year. But what we didn't know back then, was that the Local, State and Federal Governments had decided to build a beautiful overpass out the front of our house.

This railway line has been over 30 years or so in the making. And even the night before my Grandad passed away he and I were talking in the hospital about it as I was a bit worried and he just laughed and said nooooo way after all this time would they actually do it.

Looks like he was wrong..... sorry Grandad!!!

So of course I get this letter when I get home from work today which means that I am unable to talk to anyone via phone until tomorrow morning to try and find out what is really going on. Jake isn't too worried about it all. From what I can gather they aren't going to be reclaiming our house as last year they advised those "Lucky Lucky" people, and also we have houses either side of us and one side didn't get a letter today.....

They might be going to reclaim some of our front yard. Jake thinks they are going to use our yard to do engineering surveys, me well I think maybe they have heard about my hole and wanted to check out the dirt! hehehe.

And tomorrow I have pipes and drainage going in...... gotta love the timing!

OMG I just had a thought: maybeeeeeee I could sit in my nice hot spa and check out all the HOT MEN frolicking through my yard and I have a WHOLE TWELVE MONTHS OF EYE CANDY!!

See I always TRY and look on the bright side! LOL

So Groover's I promise to update you all in tomorrow night's Morley Report on the outcome, of course after I make THAT PHONE CALL!

Me xxx


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