19 September, 2011

Underage Morley...

Do you remember when you were too young to get into a nightclub or pub?

I think I was around 17 when I first went out to a nightclub aka Disco! I remember working with a girl called Angela who would come into work and talk about going out til the early hours of the morning to a place called "The Court Jester" and I couldn't quite get the fascination with it all.

But thennnnnnnnn Angela asked me along. It was funny because my Mum and my Grandparents were strict in one sense buttttt in other ways when you thought they would be strict. They weren't. So they were quite fine with me going out to a Disco.

So off I went on my first big "illegal" adventure :)

I was never one for drinking too much back then. HONEST! And sometimes I would catch the bus other times drive in. And it was always exciting to spend pay day out and about looking for something new to wear.

Ahhh those were the days....

Now I don't have many pics of this time, prob due to the fact that we just went out and had fun and didn't take a camera etc. Butttttttt I do have this one to show you with my "trendy 80's hair".

There was one time when we were all sprung by undercover police, who took down our names and phone numbers and were going to ring our parents! Lucky mine knew.

Of course there were no photo id's in those days. They just asked you your date of birth and look you up and down and if you looked like the age you said you were, you were allowed in.

Another time we were out there was only one of us over 18. You see in Australia, even to this day, you have to be over 18 to drink, vote etc. So anyway we were all furiously practicing our fake date of births, in preparation to being asked etc. When we got to the bouncer at the door all 7 of us got in except one person. The person WHO WAS 18!!! You see she got freaked out soooo much by the whole thing that when it came to her time to give her date of birth, she got it WRONG!!!!! hehehe. So we all had to leave and go somewhere else. She never lived that one down, let me tell ya.

Eventually we outgrew The Court Jester. Reason: well there are two. First one was that one night there was broken glass on the dance floor. Second reason, there was a guy throwing up in the girls toilets. From that night we decided to go to the more upmarket disco called Sybil's, which had a $6 cover charge instead of the $4 one for The Court Jester. So our thinking was that for the extra $2 you would have a much better crowd.

And you know we never went back to the good old Court Jester, sometimes also known as the Court Molester.

Now Sybil 's, welllllll I have 101 stories on that place, but I shall leave those stories for another time!

Night xxx


Anonymous said...

Crikey Sybils !!! Gosh had a few nights there and Images at the top of the Suncorp building,, that rotating dance floor got me every time.
Wonder if we were there at the same times

The Morley Report said...

I did go to Images a couple of times but Sybil's was the place for me! Imagine if we were there the same time.... I bet we were! :)

Maltese Manor said...

That photo is how I remember you from Coles. Never went to those clubs though. I def was into a different scene!

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