21 November, 2011

Post Holiday Blues....

Well I always knew this day would come, the first day back after a wonderful holiday is just sometimes too much to bare!

And guess what? There is even a name for it:

Post Holiday Blues.... I kid you not!

Post Holiday Blues is a type of mood that persons returning to work from a long trip (or in my case a 1 week/7 days trip!) may experience.


A person may suffer from post vacation blues after returning home or to a normal routine from a long vacation, especially if it was a pleasurable one. The longer a trip lasts, the more intense the post vacation blues may be. This is because the person would be longing for their travel experiences. Post vacation blues may result in tiredness, loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia, and in some cases, depression. Jet lag may intensify the post vacation blues.


In general, post vacation blues wear off after time. It usually takes a few days for the mood to wear off, although in some cases, it can take up to 1.5 times the length of the trip. Other ways of treating post vacation blues are for the person to share their experiences with family and friends, or to look at photos and souvenirs.

But Groover's I refuse to let it get me down! It's the end of the year, life is what you make it! Andddddddddd I have only 11 more sleeps until a "Little Weekend Adventure" is happening.

And remember that I said to you kids way back when, this blog is not here to winge and complain! Okkkk but I try not to do it all the time! LOL

My Morley Birds of Love are chipping away at their nest, Embee Louise & I love our new bed linen anddddddddd today I received this little beauty in the post all the way from the States!

Buble has a way of cheering me up and taking me away so I plan on having a night in bed with Michael to make things all better :)

Anddddddd speaking of book's. My beautiful friend Erica gave me this book for my birthday last week:

I read that last night in bed too. Seee one night Erica next night Michael! Now you would be worried if it was all three of us in bed hehehe.

But Erica it was such a beautiful book :) It brought a little tear to my eye at the very end and Groover's if you will allow me, here are the final few words:

Friendship is a special type of partnership
based on the profound understanding that together
the impossible becomes deliciously possible.
It is an unspoken yet binding commitment to help each other
live our lives to the fullest.
I know how lucky I am to have a friend like that,
and I just want to say that no matter what happens,
you will never be alone
because you will always be my friend.

You see Erica & I have shared many MANY adventures. Some we have shared, some we haven't told a soul! LOL And her friendship means the world to me my!

Friends, Groover's are such an important part of our lives and I don't know where I would be in this world without friends such as my mate Erica!

Well seeeeee I managed to turn that frown upside down! And I am now smiling.....

Hope you are smiling too!


Me xxx


Jody Louise said...

A cure for post holiday blues is start planning the next holiday!

Mandy Thomas-Wilson said...

Keep on groovin' Miss Karen :)

The Morley Report said...

Jody, NEVER tempt me to book another holiday hehehe. Already planned :)
And thanks Mandy, I think it's a Groovy kinda day! xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen :) As I said to you it wasn't much of a gift but reminded me of you when I saw it and after all isn't that what gifts should be something that is from the heart! As I said to you the other day in my message, you help me even when your not here, remembering things we have talked about etc These next few weeks the road will be a bumpy one but with friends like you I'll make it through xxx

The Morley Report said...

I loved it! But it did make me cry a bit at the end! And glad my talking lots has helped someone hehehe. Love ya xxx

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