17 November, 2011

Life is a Beach!

So last night Barb and I stayed up late andddddd we both got sucked into Infomercial's IN A BIG WAY!! and the product - Sheer Cover! We tried soooo hard to turn away, but it was like trance and we were sucked in BIG TIME...

The good news is that we WERE STRONG and didn't buy any. As yet..... LOL

So this morning started off cloudy but you know what Groover's I didn't mind at all. It was Barb's turn to have the massage, head massage and facial at the Beautician and I lolled around in bed, reading and checking the internet as you do! It was a lovely morning :)

Anddddddddd do you know that I meant to share two things with you in the last blog. Ready? Ok here we go... so the first one is that I received a very lovely Tweet on Twitter from Denise Richards as I had told her that I loved her book! Isn't that nice :)

And the second thing is this, I noticed last week that I was nearing the 10,000 reads on The Morley Report, now for this litte fish in the HUGE POND known as the blogging world I felt a little proud of this achievment! And decided I was going to let everyone know when I did in fact reach the 10,000 mark. But guess what happenend? I missed it.... I KNOWWWWWWWWW it very very quietly went past 10,000 and this little Groover had no idea whatsoever!

Sooooooo having made that confession to you I am now trying to make a habit of checking the all time tally and we are very very close to the 11,000 mark. As I am about to post this Blog we are at 10,770 Pageviews (all time history).

I'm a bit excited. Sooooo I would love for you guys to share my blog on Facebook & Twitter, so that your friends too can be apart of The Morley Report and maybe just maybe very soon we will hit that big 11,000!

Geez I might not be able to sleep tonight with all the an-tic-i-pation!!!! :)

So back to today...

As it was cloudy and Barb was out getting herself all relaxed at the Beautician I decided to have myself a nice warm bubbly spa! Now Groover's I need to tell you something: the two person spa in my ensuite IS AMAZINGGGGGGGG (amazing spoken like Oprah!). And of course very relaxing and now behold my spa!

Of course you ask yourself do I leave the curtains open? Can anyone see in? Should I make it nice and dark? Might I put the TV on and listen to music whilst spa-ing? Yep the big important questions you ask yourself whilst on holidays.....

The answer: Wellllllll after thinking it over, the winner wassssssss:

Curtains opened with TV on the Max Channel playing music clips! yayyyy

And I have to say I felt mighty fine after my little holiday spa moment! :)

And I'm sorry but how good are the 80's! When I was home alone today I watched some 80's "film clips" on Max. OMG I loved it.... I sure miss the 1980's :(

Then this afternoon it was my turn to go back to the Beautician. This time I was being adventurous and was trying Reiki!

Here is the lovely Michelle from Sambara Spa in Kingscliff, New South Wales.

It was very interesting to feel her not really touching me but feeling the heat of the healing, if that's how you might describe it!

So I was feeling pretty good to be honest and when I got back "Home" I decided to go for a walk to the lovely Salt Beach.

It's such a lovely beach to just sit and watch the waves and listen to the ocean :)

Anddddddd whilst I was on the beach I received a lovely tweet on Twitter from Richard Wilkins as I had tweeted him a little earlier to tell him that I am really enjoying his book! What a nice guy to reply to me!

Then it was time to return home and get my Groove on for Dinner!

Here is the gorgeous Barb all ready for dinner!

Tonight we were going to:

for a wonderful dinner with Barb's brother John and his wife Glenda! We had a lot of fun :)

Thennnnn of course it was Cocktail Time :)

I was MADEEEEE to partake as well! This is me pretending to be happy and wanting to drink my cocktail!

And this pic below is for my lovely friend Deb who still finds herself waiting in hospital tonight for her operation which never happened today due to being bumped off the operating list! Hang in their kiddo and I promise when you get out we shall make it up to you and have our own little adventure!!!!

Now dinner was just amazing and I thought I would take a few pics to show you what I had! Now it was a three course dinner that you can do Mon - Thurs for $49 in total and is soooo worth it!

Ok so I started with the Entree of Bangalow Pork Belly braised in tamarind and rock sugar, green papaya and dried mango salad with nam jin dressing.

Followed by Mains - Free range Alstonville Chicken supreme, pan roasted Cudgen sweet potato pave, and spring vegetables.

And thennnnnnnn it was time for dessert - Chefs selection of homemade icecreams and garnish.

Now I have to tell you that is a bit of a mystery what each ice-cream was as I forgot to ask.... butttttt after eating them and then having both Barb and Glenda join me in the guessing game I believe the flavour's were:

Raspberry & Yoghurt, Blood Orange & Yoghurt and Blueberry (but in the lighting I thought the Blueberry was infact Chocolate.... I knowwwwww I'm a goose!).

But kids again if you are ever down this way you have to visit this amazing restaurant!!!

Here is their facebook page:

Season Restaurant

And website:

Season Restaurant

So this brings us to the end of another day! Tomorrow is our last day here and tonight we were just talking about how quickly times fly's! Especially when you are having lots of fun!

And today being 17th November is a big day for some reason in my life. Things seem to happen on this date: it was my Nana's birthday (but she has passed away many years now), my separation date from my ex-husband (again a very very long time ago) and Jake was really sick on this day about 5 years ago.

This time last year I found it a hard day and I had no idea why. And it wasn't until late that night in bed I realised that I used to ring my Grandad on this date to talk about my Nana as it would have been her birthday. But he had passed away in the August so there was no phone call.

But as they say it just takes time to heal and tonight I find myself in such a different place in my life. Today I smiled and laughed and was happy to think that Nana and Grandad are finally together in heaven. I also enjoyed both old and new friends, sat on the beach and just took it all in. It's funny isn't it how somehow we endure these things in our lives and survive.

And tonight Groover's I love my life and I thank you for reading and being a part of it!

See you tomorrow

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

So do I need to open and close this page another 215 times to get you to 11,000?? haha

The Morley Report said...

201 times should do :) hehehe

Brent said...

Still good to see the holiday toes.
I am sure Richard is happy about his richard (according to karl on the today show)
I am starting to think you have a thing about richards?? (Denise and the man one)

I am also sure your Nan and Grandad are looking down telling all the other souls of how proud they are of you..


The Morley Report said...

Brenton, thank you soooo much for your lovely words they brought a tear to my eye this morning when I read them xxx

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