19 November, 2011

I'm coming back Homeeeeeeeeeeee

Well Groover's as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and this morning Barb "Am I Brown Yet?" and myself checked out :(

You can see how sad I was with this pic below....

We decided that it is never ever too early to have an ice-cream and sooooooo we did a Farewell Toast!

And I have to tell you a little story just after we checked out and went our separate ways, I pulled over to get something out of my boot and across the road at the beach this guy yelled out "Ohhhhhh Hot Mumma" hehehe. Of course I was shy but geez it made me smile! Funny isn't it..... but nice to know I still got it!

Of course it's always sad to leave but it's also exciting to return home to Baby Jake and Embee Louise! And of course at the moment Ashlee is living with us and we have my friend Deb's two little dogs Star & Bella as poor old Deb is now onto Day 4 waiting to have her foot operated on!

Here are Star & Bella missing their Mum :( Come home soon Mummy....

And I have to tell you that it has me considering to take out private health cover after what she is currently going through, because kids you just never know.

So homeward bound I was and this afternoon I had a lovely spa in the sun, not the same as our "Holiday Pad Pool" Barb :( but hey it's better than nothing.

I always find it funny readjusting to real life after a good holiday. You miss having the great company, the laughs, the food & drinks! but I guess this is what makes a Fantastic Holiday and this kids is what gets me to book things wayyyy in advance because I don't know about you, but I myself need that little light at the end of the tunnel to keep me going day to day!

So as I sit on my lounge with little Embee Louise, who I had to bath today (so that she didn't smell like a dog but A GIRL!) sits beside me, air con on, dirty washing being washed in the washing machine, catching up on some television shows courtesy of Foxtel IQ! and feeling happy and content..... I am counting down the days to the next little adventure hehehe.

Come onnnnnnnnnnn surely you kids know what I'm like by now. And let me just say this - it isn't too far away! (insert evil laughter here: hahaha hohoho hehehe)

So for the last time (well this year anyways....) let me share with you just a few more pics of where we stayed:

Ohhhhhhh and we made it to 11,000 this morning just as I arrived home! It sure was a nice homecoming :)


Me xxx


Karen Farley said...

Oh the next holiday.... bring it on NOW!!

The Morley Report said...

I got one before that! I know I am naughty...

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