11 November, 2011


So today was my last day at work before I start my holidays tomorrow! So you know what that means.... doesn't matter how hard you try to be organised it's always going to be a stressful day!

Of course it was Remembrance Day here in Australia today.

Now Remembrance Day is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

So on the 11th hour of the 11th month we have a minute's silence to remember. I have always thought this a lovely way to remember those before us who sacrificed their lives so that we can live how we live today.

But back to my crappy day.... LOL

And you know I was ok up until lunch time and then it all went down hill from there! Thank god for both Seamus's mum and Ashlee for helping me out otherwise I would still be there.

I always think it's quite ironic actually that the closer you get to your holidays the more everything gets on your nerves andddddddddd up until last night I thought I was doing not too bad! Famous last words....

And you know what? Work were so lovely as they bought me a cake for my (shhhhh) birthday tomorrow. And I was so busy Seamus's Mum had to cut me a piece and bring it to me.... how sad! LOL

Crazy isn't it when works get soooo busy it gets in the way of LIFE!

You know I can remember a few years back when I bought my first house. Actually it was a Townhouse and the Real Estate Agent came into my work to present me with Champagne and the keys and WHO WAS BUSY with customers at the front counter? Yep ME! So he just had to leave it and I had to keep working.... when all I wanted to do was to have that moment! Ahhhhh well, that's life hey. And you know my favourite saying is "The Things we do for Money!!!".

But Groover's I survived! And today when I left work all my work friends came back to Morley Manor for a few drinks and nibbles to celebrate the end of the week and the BIGGIE the 11th of the 1lth of 2011! How freaky was it today to write 11/11/11.

Work has heard so much about my hole and today they finally saw it. Mind you it's quite baron at the moment with just a few bits of grass and weeds here and there! Andddddd they also got to see the famous Morley Spa :)

But OH MY GOD how hot was it today! Thank god I have Air Con that's all I can say. Igloo setting it is tonight, damn that power bill! A girls gotta be comfy!

I was such a sweat ball this afternoon running around organising things! But a big THANK YOU to both Jake and Louise for helping me out!

And do you know this was the first time Shamey Poo Poo had been to our house!

He had the best time although...... his Mum was making him wait for some food and Louise's dog Tank (who is Embee's size) stole it! Poor Seamus :(

But we all had lots fun and lots of laughs! So all in all a really nice way to start my holidays!

And I had always said that when Seamus did come over to visit for the first time we had to have a pic of him on my bed with Embee and I, because at his house he isn't allowed on a bed!

Here are those pics:

And after everyone left and I had cleaned up, the Spa was a callin my name! And tonight it felt wonderful :)

So here I am, freshly spa'd (if that's even a word, but hey I don't care!) just had some pizza, air con blaring on the igloo setting and I'm ready for bed.

I am going to pack in the morning. Not sure why I don't ever pack the night before.... I just prefer to pack as I go along in the morning. I'm a tad excited about my holiday and I promise to share pics and goss on things that we see as we go along.

Kingscliff is def one of my most favourite places in the whole entire world! And I'm really happy that I am getting to return to this holiday spot one more time!

Oh andddddddddd just quietly I would like to thank all the lovely people that have so far wished me Happy Birthday and have given me cards and gifts.... means alot to me, so thank you!

I even got a present tonight from Baby Jake! I knowwwwwwww, pick yourself up off the floor kids! Guess what I got:

A DVD Set of - Wilfred

God I love that show. Soooooooooo naughty, but ohhhh so very very funny at the same time :)

Oh and Jake also got me another present! I got this....

What do you think it is?

I would love you guys to leave me some comments on what you think it is!

So kids until tomorrow, night

Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Karen, you had all those men over at your house and you didn't invite your single friends over !!!! Shame on you :)

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