28 November, 2011

Did I Do That?

Well last night right before going to bed (Michael Buble was waiting there for me...) I had to go downstairs and put the cover over the spa. Buttttttt when I got there I decided to put my hand in. Wrong move.

It felt divine! And it was such a clear night that I decided to have a spa.


My togs were upstairs, so I went into Baby Jake and Ashlee and said "I'm going to have a nude spa, so nobody come outside". Wellllllll you should have seen their faces it was like I said "I just found a treasure chest with a million dollars in it buried in the back yard!". THEY LOOKED SURPRISED.

Okkkk maybe not surprised maybe uncomfortable... but hey this little Groover still has some grooving left to do. It's not all crocheting and maypole dancing you know!

And you know kids I wish I could share with you the view that I had. AMAZEBALLS to quote a friend of mine.... D

Andddddd can you believe I was lucky enough to have seen not one BUT TWO shooting stars.

Of course I made two wishes!

I love looking into the night sky and star gazing. I used to do it (star gazing that is...) when I was on holidays in Kingscliff with our roof top spa but now (insert excited kiddie giggle) I have my very own spa in my backyard :)

It soooo feels like being on a holiday when you are not! I love it!!

Only Embee was game enough to come outside with me. I did offer to Jake but for some unknown reason he turned me down??? tee hee

And boy was today hot here in Brisbane. Crazy crazy hot!!!

Thank the lord for the great air conditioning at work!!! And when I got home tonight my air con couldn't have kicked in quick enough. Who cares if I can't afford to eat for six months because of my electricity bill.... At least I won't be sweaty :) Hey and I'll be thin from no food. Win win situation there Groover's LOL

And just quietly it wasn't a bad sort of Monday to be honest. Of course nothing beats a Friday butttt today was ok!

Currently I am typing this on my bed in my air conditioned bedroom and Jake and Embee are having play fights. I have warned them if they scare the Mumma bird laying on her nest to watch out!!!

Crazy kids...

Ok, gotta pull these two into line. Now where is that wooden spoon with the faded smiling face on it (as it used to like to hit bottoms back in the day!) hehehe. I even still cook with it.....


Me xxx


Anonymous said...

Sooooooooooooo, being naked and all in ya spa outside under the stars and seeing two shooting stars, did you get ya wishes? Did ya, did ya?

The Morley Report said...

Mmmm welll they were big wishes. I gotta be patient but to answer your question: Not as yet :)

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